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In Wind In Fire–#Poetry




A word of healing

It’s a word of hope

Oh word and hope


It’s word and fire

Oh fire!

In the house

In the word


In the house

It’s in the fire

It’s in the wind

Oh fire



Oh Heaven now

In the cycle of fire

It’s wind, it’s wind, it’s fire


It’s wind, it’s wind, it’s wind

Oh fire!  It’s time

It’s fire, oh yes!

In the house


It’s now, it’s time, it’s fire

It’s one God

It’s open heaven

Amazed?  Amazed you be


It’s word, it’s word, it’s love

Here and there, the fire

In the house

In the nation


In the house, in the nation

Oh fire and hope

In this day, in the house

In wind, in wind, in fire


It’s word, it’s word, it’s yes!


Given by Papa God, November 2, 2019

Why One Hates

One hates because one hurts; but unless that hurt is healed, the hate will eventually turn on, and destroy the one who gives it sanctuary. Each of us were made for so much more than the temporary enticements of power which hate provides. And none of us will come to the fullness of what we are meant to be unless we submit to and become empowered by a love which is otherworldly. God is love. #hope

Before God Heals the land–A Vlog

“Relevance and Mattering”–A Vlog

A Thought…..

There are those within the culture who hope that you stay so bitter and unforgiving that you become stuck in time and unable to move forward and make a difference in time and eternity. Forgiveness is not denial, it is an exit strategy into freedom, a co-laboring with Heaven into making right, that which is unjust

A Thought on Dr. King–#leadership

Sadly, some now view prophetic leadership as the scolding of entire people groups. While scolding may point out the problems, it does not lead to the transformation Heaven yearns for in regards to our cities, nations, and institutions. Dr. King understood that prophetic leadership is perhaps the highest form of the prophetic. It does not merely see the wrongs of the culture it confronts; it presents Heaven’s vision of how the dwellers of planet Earth should behave. This vision points to the vastness of human potential–Christ in us the hope of glory. It points to a future rich with Heaven on Earth. It challenges young and old to fulfill it.King

This Heaven Holy–A Poem


Turning kings and kings
The releasing, the kings
This time, this nation, this mission
This nation hosts this nation

This love of the Heaven
This nation holy is
The love, the Father, the door
The Heaven, holy

Host the Heaven
The love, the burning wind
The door is holy
Holy door

This time, this king
The door of God
This time keep holy
Keep abiding

This day of love
This love is now
This love, holy
This love, holy

This day holy
This time be
This time of
Holy is

This time
Holy time
This time
This is

This word, love
This holy king
This day, be abiding
Holy is, holy is

The wind be, be abiding in
This holy, burning wind
This wind is holy
This holy, holy day

This time keep holy
This love holy
Holy time of light
Things are abiding in love

This loving Heaven is holy
The love, holy be
The love is key
It’s open this, open that

Given by Papa God, September 23, 2013

This nation–#Poem


The nation, the nation
The nation is open
Oh this nation is open
It’s God in the nation

Provision in grace in love
In grace in love
It’s grace and grace
Oh grace now

So know the nation
It’s a gate to nation
God is turning nation
It’s nation-time

See the nation in grace
See this nation in love
See this nation in light
And see…now

It’s the door of God
It’s Heaven in God
It’s Heaven with love
Oh the Father is love

Given by Papa God, July 13, 2013

New Day See #Poem #Art #poetry


See and do
This word see
This see, see
This see now

This day see
The word see
This see now
This know, see

This do and know
This know now
This due day
This now know

This do, this do
The do now
This now, now
The dew, the new, the now

This know, this do
This new nation do
Do know, do see
The new house of Love

The Father lives now
The dew, the dew of his grace
The new day see
New day now

This nation, this nation, day
New wind of love
This wind is in
This day now

This day now
This day see
The dew; He see
Oh see, do

This day, this do
You see and know
Oh know and know
Oh know now

Given by Papa God, January 19, 2013

This! Part 4 (poem)

THIS! Part 4

Open, open direct and know
This day, this day: see and do
This day, this day to do and do
Oh see and do and see

This see, this do, this nation
This Heaven, this see, this do
Open Heaven, open hand
This love, this day, this hand

Holy hand is hand holy
This God, this hope and love
This love, this day this God
This love, this love, this God

Open door, holy day
God and God and hope now know
This God, this hope is holy
This God, this God this hope

This God of gods is going in now
This Heaven, this Heaven this day
This God of gods is holy now see
Holy and holy he is, see?

Say and love and know this God
This love, this God, this hope
This love, this love is He
He and He is hope

It’s hope, it’s love, it’s God
This love, this God is now
It’s love, it’s God, it’s nation
This God, this love this day

This hope is now
This love is day
This day, this day this time
This love, this day, this

This hope is
This hope does
This God this day, this day
This love this time

This is this day
This time this day
It’s God, it’s Heaven, it’s nation
It’s love, it’s God, it’s Heaven

It’s love, it’s love, it’s God
Oh, oh, wah they say, wah they say
No, it’s God in love in love
The Father, the God, the Heaven

They say no; but God is love
It’s love, it’s God, it’s hope
This God, this nation is hope
This Love, this day is hope

This love, this love, this God
Open it, open now
Yes, yes, open this now
This love, this God; this nation

It’s Heaven now see
It’s open Heaven know, see
It’s holy, it’s love, it’s God
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s holy

This watch, this deep
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s see
It’s light, it’s time you see
God is, holy time

This host, this God
This God of gods see
This open Heaven see
This open door to Heaven

The Father of open door
It’s holy Heaven see
This God of gods does host this day
This love, this love, this Heaven

Given by Papa God, November 14, 2012