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“Relevance and Mattering”–A Vlog

A Thought on Dr. King–#leadership

Sadly, some now view prophetic leadership as the scolding of entire people groups. While scolding may point out the problems, it does not lead to the transformation Heaven yearns for in regards to our cities, nations, and institutions. Dr. King understood that prophetic leadership is perhaps the highest form of the prophetic. It does not merely see the wrongs of the culture it confronts; it presents Heaven’s vision of how the dwellers of planet Earth should behave. This vision points to the vastness of human potential–Christ in us the hope of glory. It points to a future rich with Heaven on Earth. It challenges young and old to fulfill it.King

Start of the school year, performing at the Kremlin and more!

This is a very interesting story of a young American seeking to live out her dream. If you feel led to help out in her journey, go to

Nicole Zadra

Hey everyone! I am so sorry I haven’t blogged sooner! It has been a very busy couple of months for me. I’m back in Moscow. First I want to thank my sponsor because without him I wouldn’t be here. He is an angel! I feel so truly blessed for the opportunity to complete my traineeship this June here at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy thanks to his support and the support of my mom. Let me tell you time is flying by already!

I came back to the Bolshoi Academy on August 31st. It took some time to truly feel settled in. I am going to complete the 3rd and final year of my traineeship in June 2014 and I am so glad I have the opportunity to be part of the Russian course this year. To be placed in this class with the fellow Russian girls who have trained here…

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Black Grace; A Poem



Blending, blending; it’s word, it’s word

It’s word, it’s word; it’s grace

God’s word is love for this

It’s a great change


The seed, the door, the grace

The seed, the door of grace

It’s love I have for this

He is a word, and he is a grace


The word; the seed he is

He’s loved, he’s blessed, he’s great

God and love and you

He’s the word, he’s the seed, he’s great


Gathering hope, gathering change

Daddy loves this one

It’s word, it’s grace

It’s black grace


Given by Papa God, January 22, 2009