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Love Business #poem #art #love

Love business

Love, love, open now
Oh love now and love this
Oh love this, love that
Love this, that

It’s now, now
Love that and this
Oh light be, light be
Oh light be, see

See and do light
It’s light and light
This love is He
It’s light be, light, light see

This love, love be
Light be? Light, light
Light, light see
See this day

This day, light be
Oh love is of Love
Love be love of love
Love of Love of God

The Father is holy
The Love is He
Open door, love now
This love, now

See and know Love
This Love is He
Oh live the love
This love opens Love

So know The Father
The Father is light
This God is now
This God, love

Love of love of light
This God does nations
He loves, love
It’s love, love

It’s love now
It’s love you are
Love, love now
Love do

Oh no? Love now
Love this, love him
Oh no? Love now
Love this now

Say, say; light, love
Say now, say love
Oh love, it’s time
The love is holy

Oh love, oh do
Oh love, oh do
So know and know
The love know

So know it, do it
So know it and know
Know it, know that
Oh know that

This you’re to say
Say and do
It’s love see now
This know, this know

Given by Papa God, March 4, 2013

A Thought

Establishing eye contact with others can be a powerful way of communicating that we not only recognize their presence, but their humanity as well

A Thought

Don’t ever sell yourself as ‘cheap’. You and I have been brought with a great price. And we must never view others as’ less ‘ either, for God’s powerful redemption is also available for them. The Blood of Jesus Christ speaks to the dignity of those created in God’s image, wherever they may be.

A Thought–On Acceptance

In our search for significance and value we become as keys in search of doors that fit , much to our frustration and sometimes tears. Yet the mystery of acceptance is found in the one who created us for himself; the one who crafted us to fit in him from the foundation of the world.