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Before God Heals the land–A Vlog

A Thought

If you are to be a pioneer at anything, you must throw out the comparison book immediately from the library of your soul ; for who you are and what you will do will be unlike anything or anyone this planet has ever seen.

“Miley”–A Thought

Once labeled an “American Sweetheart”, now more or less described as “the sinner of the week”. But not out of the reach of Heaven’s love and mercy. One of great aspects of Jesus in the Gospels is that he never made anyone comfortable either in their sin or their religious pride, but called all to come back home to God


Gifted to find talent–A Thought #arts #faith #religion

Ed Sullivan, a former Newspaper Columnist in New York was the host of an American TV variety show which ran from from 1948 to 1971. His Sunday evening programs were a national event which introduced Millions to talents ranging from Elvis to the Beatles to the Jackson 5.

The butt of many jokes for his on-stage demeanor, Sullivan was nicknamed “old stone face” . Yet for any entertainer in those times an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was a high-water mark which either enhanced or broke a career in show-business. While he was disliked by some, Many in the arts and entertainment world viewed Mr. Sullivan with gratitude as one who gave them and their careers a jump-start with one appearance

One may not be able to sing, dance, or make jokes brilliantly; but he or she can possess the God-given ability to identify talent in others , and release them into the nations

Ed Sullivan

A Thought: The Face of Violence

The face of violence is not just a bearded man hiding in a cave overseas coordinating strategies of global carnage . It can also be the clean-cut boy or girl next door who has seemingly everything going for them but are walking time-bombs of hate.

Appreciation deprivation disorder…(A Thought)

Appreciation deprivation is an illness which afflicts many a human spirit.It’s major symptom is an un-thankful culture where love grows increasingly cold. But Papa never forgets all you do for Him and his rewards to you are sure.You may be what the great physician ordered in bringing a soul out of the disease of Appreciation deprivation. It may be telling your spouse how beautiful she is. It may be telling your congregation how awesome they are to pastor. It could be telling the young men you coach how hardworking they are. But be the Prescription Jesus ordered to let the people in your world know they have worth and dignity

A Thought…

Jesus of Nazareth is our Heavenly Joseph who wears on himself the coat of nations . No people group or ethnicity is exempted from his blessing and concern

A Thought on God, Gifts and talents

Giftings and talents are freely to us, by a lavish Heavenly Father. He gives them to us in not only showing us how loved we are but to fulfill the Heavenly mandate of Genesis 12:3–that all the families of the earth be blessed. when we realize that our gifts carry Heaven’s mandate, we must guard them and steward them wisely. God has given to us through gifts and talents, a heavenly trust fund.

God and the entitlement mentality–A thought

What replaces an ‘entitlement mentality’? It is the truth that God loves every man, gives gifts(talents) to every man and has for every man a destiny beyond the brokenness every man has. And with such destiny, is a responsibility Papa gives all of us to make this earth better by our obedience, and hastening his return

A Thought…

I can have an opinion on many things, but the best posture to take is finding what Heaven’s view is. Seeking That eternal, enduring viewpoint on life and living must be our ongoing focus.