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#Poem: It’s A Dance

It’s a Dance

It’s a dance, it’s a dance
A dance, a dance, a gate of grace
A day, a day of change
A word, a day

Holy day
Open day
Oh resting in
Open Heaven day

Holy visions day
A commotion of day
Open day, open day
Holy time, holy

Dance with The Father
Open Heaven now
Open now, open day
Holy dance

Angels, healing, time
Open Heaven be
Holy be
Open be

Hosting visions
Healing visions
Fire time
Holy day

Increase healing
Open Heaven be
Hosting the Heaven
Healing wind

Here and there
Open the day
Open the day
Sense of change

Given by Papa God, February 3,2015

Holy is Heaven–A poem

Holy is Heaven

Send and know The Father
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s Heaven
Sing and know The Father’s Heaven
Send and know love

Open door of Heaven
Abide and know Heaven
Abide, know The Father
Open door now

Sow and know the love
Holy day, deep love
It’s Heaven’s dew, Heaven’s dew
Send and send the vision of God

So know, know love
Holy time, time know
It’s live, it’s Heaven, it’s yes
Holy is Heaven

Given by Papa God, May 28,2012

Daddy’s Daughters–A Poem

(c) 2012 Michael Andrew Lee