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“It’s Grace, It’s Hope, It’s Heaven”–A #poem


Yet oh yes
Oh God’s grace
Oh great grace
Oh yes

Enter the grace
A door and a door and a door
It’s doors of love
Oh grace

It’s the gate of love
It’s love and love
Oh grace, oh hope

The love, the Word
Oh love, oh be
Oh yes, it’s light
Yes, be

It’s grace
Oh yes, gate of hope
Oh yet, oh yes
Yes to hope

The wind of holy change
Oh yet now
Oh yet yes
It’s hope and grace

God’s open door
Oh yet it’s hope
It’s hope in Him
It’s hope

It’s wind
The wind of hope
Oh wind oh yet
It’s hope

Yes, hope in hope
Oh yet, oh yet
See His hope
In hope is His hope

It’s word, it’s yet
Oh wind
Oh wind
It’s wind and wind and grace

In God is hope
It’s grace and hope
Oh grace
In hope

See, see, wholly see
It’s great hope
Open Heaven
Open day

It’s journey in love
Oh love oh now
This, this change
It’s God, it’s love

God’s love
It’s open Heaven
It’s open Heaven
It’s holy love

It’s love, it’s you
Yet be hosting love
It’s yet, it’s yes
It’s yes

Given by Papa God, December 12, 2014

“Holy Journal”–#Poetry #poem


Journal, love journal
The word, the journals of grace
Oh grace, oh grace
Oh grace, oh love

It’s oh grace
Holy wind
The grace of Heaven
Winds of change

Oh grace, oh wind
Journals of Heaven
It’s journals of Heaven
Holy journal

The journal of love
Oh watch oh know
Oh wind oh know
Wind of Heaven

It’s journals of light
Abiding grace
Oh love oh yes
It’s yet Heaven

It’s journal of grace
Oh rest oh yet
It’s yet, yet, yet
Oh yet

Given by Papa God, December 10, 2014

Yes, It’s Heaven’s Day—#Poem #Poetry


Holy Heaven
Oh holy love
Oh wind
Holy grace

It’s holy grace
Oh wind
It’s holy grace
Oh wind

Yes, it’s Heaven’s day
Oh wind
Oh word
Oh grace

It’s wind, it’s grace
Oh grace in Heaven
Oh wind of love
Holy time

Seed, seed, holy seed
Oh wind
Open Heaven dew
Holy day

Here now, holy time
Restoration, open time
Esther in grace
Holy day

It’s word, it’s light
Open Heaven be
Holy wind see
Open time be

End, end; no, grace
Host the love
It’s love, it’s open Heaven
Rest here in hope

Seat, seat, holy time
Resting in Heaven’s time
Oh resting in time
Holy time

It’s wind of love
Host and love
Oh be holy
Oh releasing blessing

The love and the Word
Oh receive and see
Oh receive His blessing
It’s going up

It’s connection
It’s abundance
Holy day
It’s open Heaven see

Here now, oh now
Oh wind and love
Oh rest oh love

It’s God in you
Oh rest and know
Oh rest and see
Oh rest

It’s what you are
Holy in love
Oh rest in love
Oh rest

It’s season, time
It’s God-time
It’s resting-time
Holy time

Given by Papa God, November 29, 2014

Oh The Deep And The Deep–#poem #poetry


Oh the deep and the deep
Oh wind be
It’s oh be
The be and be

It’s the deep of Heaven
Oh the wind
Releasing the visitations of grace
The deep

Oh resting in the deep
Oh releasing wind
It’s resting in love
It’s resting in the deep

Resting in the deep
It’s nesting in the Heaven
Holy is His deep
It’s opening day of the deep

It’s resting in the deep
Oh resting in Heaven
It’s going up
Oh wind

It’s resting in Love
It’s resting in Heaven
Holy is Love
Hosting in grace

The Love and the word
Oh resting in Love
The wind and the wind
It’s resting and shaking

The resting of Love
The resting in the deep
It’s resting in the deep
Oh be abiding

The wind and the deep
The wind and the deep
It’s shaking day
Releasing change

Shake, shake, shake!
Oh change now be
Oh shake now with Love
Oh be

Given by Papa God, November 19, 2014

“Yet Is Now”–#poem, #poetry


Yet is now
It’s yet now
It’s yet and it’s time
It’s yet and it’s yet and it’s time

It’s yet yes
Holy day, holy time
Oh releasing Heaven
Angels, Heaven, time

It’s released in time
Oh restoration time
Raining Heaven
Heaven, Heaven, rain

Rain, rain, showing holy
Oh restoration of Heaven
Angel, angel, love
Oh resting in love

Church shut, shut in grace
Resting in love, grace
Oh resting in love
Resting in love

Angel holy
Angel holy
Holy wind
And love wind

King, light, shaking time
Open Heaven time
Angels of Heaven
Resting in love

Share, share the love
Heaven’s great love
Holy church
Holy love

Heaven is holy, yes
It’s resting in love
Oh resting in love
In love

It’s love in love
It’s hope in love
It’s resting in love
It’s resting, yes

Given by Papa God, November 8, 2014

Hosting And Doing–#poem #poetry


Yes, yes and yes
Hosting kings
Holy day
Heaven now

It’s hosting kings
Holy time
Open Heaven
Open Heaven

Hosting time
Holy word
Heaven time
Holy light

Connecting, shaking, shaking
Hosting Heaven
Open time
Open time

Here turns time
Holy time
Seasons shaking nation
Heaven is shaking

Rain, rain, shaking times
Purpose, shaking time
Rain, rain, shaking names
Entering the nation

Rain, shaking names
The names, the shaking
It’s open Heaven yes
It’s shaking names

Journey, journey; change, change
Open Heaven change
Change, shaking change
Hosting and doing

And enter the season
Oh enter the season
Oh enter the Heaven
Heaven time

Given by Papa God, November 8, 2014

A Holy Yet–#poem #poetry


Yet, oh yet
Yet, oh yet
Oh yet, oh yes
Holy yet

Seasons shakings
Entering shaking
Holy vision
Heaven holy

Open Heaven
Holy Heaven
Hosting grace
Open door

It’s love and hope
Open Heaven now
Heaven, oh Heaven
Open Heaven

In the secret
Oh the secret
The secret of hope
Oh secret

The secret, oh yes
Oh centering and centering
Heaven is a day
Oh the day

Entering the day
Holy vision day
Receiving of God
Holy day

Oh the day
Oh the day
Oh the word
Oh love

Heaven, Heaven, hands, light
This, this Heaven
Oh the Heaven
Oh Heaven

Secrets and secrets
Oh releasing the secrets
Power here now
It’s power, it’s love

Heaven is yet now
It’s now, it’s yet
It’s yet and it’s now
Oh yet and now

Given by Papa God, November 4, 2014

It’s Light, It’s Love–#poem, #poetry


Light is now
It’s light, it’s light, it’s now
It’s the light and the love
Oh the light and the love

It’s your rising
It’s your season
The light, the be, the see
It’s love, it’s light

The rising of love
Oh mercy and love
Holy love
Hosting love

This love is shaking-love
It’s love of grace
Oh restoration love, grace
Opening the door

Restoration, holy wind
Restoration in the wind
Restoration in the wind
Holy wind

It’s resting, it’s resting, it’s light
Resting in light
It’s resting in love
Oh resting light

Restoration wholly
Oh restoration of love
Resting in love
Holy grace

In the wind
In the wind
Holy time
Opening door

The wind is the wind
And the wind and the wind
Oh the wind of the word
Opening Heaven

The wind, the sign, the wind
The wind and the wind
It’s resting in grace
It’s resting in the wind

The winds, the wind
It’s the wind of the Father
Restoration Heaven
Oh restoration

Oh restoration in you
It’s resting in you
Oh resting in love
Yes, yes, love

The wind oh receive
It’s receiving in grace
In hope, in love
Oh love

Given by Papa God, November 2, 2014

“Grace Is Grace”–#poem,#poetry


Grace is grace
And grace is light
It’s grace for grace
And grace, oh love

Hosting the secret
Holy grace
Open Heaven
And grace

Open Heaven
Open gate
Open Heaven
Abundant grace

Open Heaven
Opening the Heaven
Oh resting in love
Holy is His love

Grace, oh grace
In grace is grace
Hosting love
Holy grace

Kings open in grace
Hosting His grace
It’s grace, healing grace
Oh great days

Entering the door
Hosting love
Open Heaven
Resting, connections

Given by Papa God, November 2, 2014

It’s Grace–#poem, #poetry


The Father is grace
And He is grace
And He is love
Grace and love

Oh grace, hope and grace
Oh grace in hope
The Father is love
Oh love

Here now is grace
In grace in hope
In grace, in love
In grace

It’s yes, grace
It’s holy grace
It’s yes grace
It’s grace

Opening the door
Entering the Father
Hosting Heaven
Yes, grace

It’s you and yes
Holy grace
Open Heaven
Open Heaven

Open Heaven
Open grace
Enter the Father
Oh wind and grace

Opening the door
Opening the day
It’s living in grace
Yes, yes, yes

Yes, grace
Oh grace and hope
Oh wind of hope
Holy grace

Given by Papa God, October 31, 2014