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It’s the day–#poem #writing

It’s the day

It is the day
It’s Love and this day
Open Heaven, open new
Open Heaven, it’s the day

A be and a see
A wind of Love
A wind of hope
Abundant grace is new

It’s living and being
Oh be and know
Open the new
Open new

Open now
It’s love open
A burn, a wind
Open the wind

It’s Love open
Listen, listen, mercy
Urgent grace, open Heaven
Hosting and being

The wind and the door
The wind and grace
Keep open, love
This wind is Love

This light
Oh be open
Open and do
Oh be and know

This open Heaven
Open Heaven be
Open door of grace
Open Heaven

This time
Carry hope
Yes, hope and grace
Open the keys and open the door

Given by Papa God, December 3, 2013

The door is released–#poem #poetry

The door is released

Turn and turn and know
The door is open
A burn of love
Holy is, holy key

The door is released
The Heaven is abiding
Open the Heaven
And grow in hope

The door is released
The door is open
Open and release and know
The Heaven is released

This nation is opening tears
This nation does know
This growing hope
Open the Heaven

Host and do host
The new day
It’s going in hope
Things, open door

The dew, the name, the Heaven
The name is hope
It’s love and hope
This dew is love

This holy time
Open Heaven know
It’s going in hope
This hosting …

Rain, rain, open Heaven
The Father loves to know
Love and grace
Hosting God

Given by Papa God, November 26, 2013

It’s Open Heaven–#poem #poetry

It’s open Heaven

In the Heaven
This day of grace
The day of grace
Holy gate

Holy is the day
Open the Heaven, oh be
Holy be in you
Oh yes, now be

This day, oh yes
This time of grace
This open Heaven
Oh open be

This, oh this be
Holy and great
It’s going in hope
It’s open Heaven

Oh be, oh know
This holy abide
The day, the door, the day
Holy be

Given by Papa God, November 26, 2013

Opening The Door –A #Poem


Live and do
It’s live and do
It’s live and know
Live and know

Love is a gate of hope
Opening the door of hope
A door of hope
It’s love and hope

The door of Heaven
Hope and grace
Ascend unto the Heaven
Hope and grace

The door is open
A wind, a door, a gate
A day of love
A day of grace

A door is now
A door of grace
Open the door of grace
Yes, grace

It’s love, it’s open
Open the door
A burn, a gate
It’s hope and grace

It’s loving and knowing
The door of grace
Opening Heaven now
God opens here

Yes, it’s grace
Opening the Heaven
The door of love
It’s love and grace

The door now is
It’s hope and yes
It’s hope and hope
Opening the door

Given by Papa God, November 13, 2013

Yes, Open it


Oh yet it is
The door is
It’s going up and going in
Yes, this open

It’s open now
The door is open
Open? It’s yes
Abide and you

Yes, open it
It’s open in thee
It’s open in you
The door is yet open

Hope is a burning wind
This wind? Oh yes
This wind is open
Opening Heaven

The wind, oh the door
This door of grace
Opening the door
Yes, opening the Heaven

It’s the wind
It’s Heaven
The wind, oh it’s yes
Yes wind? Yes

God opens miracles
Holy keys…
The key, the door of God
It’s love, oh yes

The door is open
A gate of grace
The door is open
A burn is open

Given by Papa God, November 11, 2013

You Be In The Wind–#poem


It’s abiding and hope
This open Heaven is open now
This wind of grace
Yes, grace

The wind, oh a wind, oh a wind
A wind oh yes
Yes, the wind you are in
This loving, healing wind

You are opening the wind
The wind, oh yes it’s holy
Love, oh wind
It’s living in it

This opening of God
Heaven oh be
Yet it’s open, be
Yes, be open

Burning openings
The word, the wind
The wind oh be in
You be open in the wind

Given by Papa God, November 9, 2013

This door, this God–A #poem

This door, this God

Ring, ring and ring
The Word, the door of miracles
It’s time, it’s you, it’s light
It’s light, it’s yes

Yes, yes, light is
Vision hosts, vision is
This yes is yes
Yes, yes, living Heaven

This day, this love
This day this wind
This day, open door
This day, oh yes

Holy be
The day, the dew of Love
Yes, you are of Heaven
Yes, opening of Heaven

Humble yourself
The dew, oh yes
It’s opening, opening Heaven
It’s love, it’s open

The mantle, yes
The nation is turned
Oh yes, oh open
Open, yes

Yes, open
The day of Heaven
Keep hosting and release the door
This door, this God

Given by Papa God, November 5, 2013

It’s Hosting Now–#Poem #poetry


Abide in love, abide in Him
He is hosting, abiding light
This nation is hosting Heaven
It’s Heaven…Heaven…Heaven

This day of blessing
It’s Heaven hosting, Heaven’s gate
Heaven hosts the nation
It’s hosting now

Heaven opening abundant hope
The Heaven opens abundant grace
Heaven hosts things
Heaven is hosting

It’s hosting abundance
Heaven abides
It’s Heaven abiding
Heaven is open

This mantle is abiding
It’s opening the gate
Host and host
His love opening now

The new word, the new wind
It’s wind hosting Heaven’s day
Heaven hosting the day
Heaven hosting the day

The day of grace
The day of grace
Host and host this day
Opening the day

Host now
Open Heaven day
Host this day
It’s hosting the Heaven

The wind and the wind
Oh the wind of Heaven
Heaven, oh you are abiding
Yes it’s the Heaven

Given by Papa God October 25, 2013

See, love and listen–#poem


See the wind and see His love
Holy wind, open Heaven
Heaven opens wholly
Holy wind opens now

Love, holy words
Open Heaven, open Heaven
Listening love and listening grace
Holy gates of God

This day of love
The wind holy is
This wind, opening angels
The wind, the dew of grace

The wind opening Heaven
The wind, holy direction
The wind, abundant grace
The wind, holy gate

Things abide in grace
Opening the Heaven
The dew, the love, He is
Living love

Listening…entering holy day
This wind opening days
The wind of grace
Heaven opens nations

Listening…opening the door
Heaven opens doors
Listen, do and love
Living open to Heaven

This light is you
This love is you
Host and bless them, love them
Oh yes, oh be

Given by Papa God, October 23, 2013

Opening Up, A #poem


Knowing, connecting, keep love
Love opening up
Amazing opening up
It’s love and grace

Opening up
It’s grace and Him
The Father abides
He does abide

The door is open
It’s love and His love
Love, mercy, grace know
The door abides

The nation, yes
This door is released
The door is open
Holy door is open

This here is yes
Love, mercy, host now
Host the blessings of grace
This host, host of grace

The door of light
The door of love
It’s love and God
Yes, hosting the Heaven

This nation this day
This nation does go
Holy is this nation
It’s holy here now

This new wind
Holy winds of grace
This door this day
Oh be a wind

Yes, a be and a see
He sees, He knows
Love is a burning wind
You be opening up to this

Given by Papa God, October 22, 2013