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It’s Here And Now–#poem, #words



Oh hear the sign

Oh hear the Word

And hear the Father

Oh the Word


Oh the love

The wind

Oh the wind

It’s here and now


Oh the wind

Oh the Father

Oh Love

And hope


Counsel and grace

Oh the wind of time

Open the days of time

Oh love-key


Host the wind

Oh the wind of hope

Oh the wind of love

Oh the Father


It’s hosting Heaven

It’s the wind of Heaven

Oh the wind of Heaven

Oh wind


This secret of Heaven

Oh the wind of Heaven

The word oh the word

Oh the wind


Oh counsel and Love

Secrets of Heaven

Oh the wind of Heaven

Oh word and sign


The wind, it’s you

Oh wind, oh you

Oh wind, oh yet

Oh wind oh be

Restoration, new

Oh word and new

Oh word new

Wind, it’s now


Oh wind oh love

Oh wind-time

Oh wind, hope

Oh the wind


Oh kings and gates and doors

Oh wind of hope

The wind, the word

The wind is yes


The word, the son

Oh the word, oh the son

Oh the son, oh the word

Oh love, oh you


The word, the son, the word

Oh He’s love, He’s hope

The word of hope

Oh God oh love


Send this love now

Oh love be

Oh be, oh live

Oh be now


Oh commotion!

Commotion, hope

Oh love is hosting time

The time of hope


Given by Papa God, August 25, 2014