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Archive for August 26, 2014

You, Oh You—#poem, #Poetry



Oh you live

In hope in grace

Oh love is open

Oh hope and grace


It’s open door now

Oh wind oh love

Oh wind oh yes

Oh wind, yes


Oh wind and yes

Oh wind, yes

Yes, oh you and you

You, oh you


It’s oh you

It’s you oh you

It’s you in love

Oh yes, you


It’s the love of God

Oh yes you

Yes, you love

It’s yes and you


It’s living, living in love

Oh word, oh yet

Oh yet oh you

Oh you are love


This love oh yes

It’s open Heaven be

Oh yes oh now

Oh yes now


This love is yes

Oh yes be

Yes, yes, say yes

Oh yes it’s hope


Given by Papa God, August 23, 2014