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Archive for August 18, 2014

God’s Time–#poetry #blog #poem




The wind of Heaven

It’s the wind of hope

The wind of Heaven

Oh watch the wind


Surrender, sign, see, know

Entering a time

A time for this

A wind and a time


Secrets, blessings name

Surrender, ‘ites’ shake

Commissioning and shaking

A wind, oh a wind


Surrender time

A wind of time

Opening the wind

It’s sign-time


The word, the sign

You’re a sign, you’re a sign

A rain and a sign

A wind-time


God’s time

A wind, oh wonders sign

Oh releasing time

Entering the time


Opening the door

Oh the door unto hope

Releasing time

Oh mighty time


A counsel, a time

A wind, oh time

Entering the time

Mercy in time


Opening the days

It is the time of time

Opening the Heaven

Opening time


The sign, the day

Abiding time

Ages, time, sign

The word of hope


The wind, the word, the sign

Holy sign…

Oh mighty sign

Open Heaven sign


Season of Heaven

Open Heaven

Oh living sign

Oh living time


The wind, surrender-time

Oh releasing the wind

Releasing the love

The mysteries and the days


Oh the son

Oh the son

Oh the Father

The wind


This secret

This living

Oh living more

Living holy


Submerse in hope

Wonders of here, there, now

Oh the words of hope

It’s open Heaven time


Given by Papa God, August 11, 2014