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Oh Wind—-#poem #poetry

Oh Wind

Writing, loving, being
Oh releasing wind
Oh wind
Surrendering time

Time, oh wind
Surrender time
Wind time, new wind
Surrender, surrender time

Oh wind
Oh wind
Oh wind now
Urgent wind

It’s wind and word
Resting in this time
Resting in wind
Entering time

Open time
Oh the wind
Oh time
Oh wind and mercy

Resting in time
Oh wind and wind
Resting in time
Open time

It’s open Heaven, oh wind
Oh wind of Heaven
The wind of the Heaven
Open Heaven

This wind, this time
Resting in wind
Resting in love
Oh yet be

Seeking God
Open Heaven be
Open wind be
It’s word

The wind, oh the love
Resting, oh resting
Oh wind of hope
Resting in hope

These times
Oh wind opens Heaven
Resting in the wind
The wind be

You’re to rest and know
Oh rest, know
Oh word be
Deep be, be

It’s going time
Oh word and time
Oh wind of hope
It’s wind

Surrender your time
Resting, yet being
The wind, the being
Oh wind time

It’s the wind of time
It is working now
Resting in wind
It’s resting

Surrender your time
It’s word and wind
Oh word, wind
Yet you see

It’s yet, yet time
Oh yet time
Resting time
Resting in time

Oh resting in love
Urgent yet now
Oh yet time

Answering time
Releasing Heaven
It’s love and love
Oh wind and surrender

Given by Papa God, July 26,2014


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