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Oh Hope #poem

Oh Hope

A gate of hope
A hope of hope
A hope of Heaven
Oh hope

It’s God, it’s light
Of hope, of light
Yes hope
It’s love, it’s yes

Oh yes oh yet
It’s open door
It’s hope and yet
Yet hope

Yet now
It’s yet and yes
See and know the sea of hope
It’s holy time

See and know His hope
It’s open door
It’s yet, it’s yes, it’s yet
Yes and yet

It’s God in yes
It’s yet, it’s He
It’s hope and yes
He is yes

Given by Papa God, February 28,2013

Oh See–#poem

Oh see

Show and know and know and see
This know, this be
This know, this new
Holy is the be

The dew, the be, the see
Oh the see, oh the do
Love is open now
This God is yes

It’s hope, it’s grace
This word, this grace
Oh love oh yes
It’s hope

The Word, the sign, the love
The secret, the blessing
The secret, the dew
Oh yes

It’s hope, it’s you
It’s yes, it’s yes
It’s hope, yes
Yes, oh yes

Holy, it’s open
Oh yes, oh deep
Secret and abide
It’s hope and yes

Oh see
See, see, see
Open door see
Oh see

See His light
The Word, the secret
It’s hope, it’s love
See and love

Watch and love
Oh say and know
Oh know and see
Open and be

Open the door
Oh see, know, see
See and know His love
Open and know

This secret you’re to know
The door to hope
It’s God in Love
It’s hope in hope

Secret season, season
The sign, the word
Oh the love and the word
A love and a word

Given by Papa God, February 28,2014