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Living in The Wind—#poetry

Living in the wind

Living in the wind
It’s open, it’s holy
It’s holy, it’s God
This God is great

A wind, oh what a day
A wind, oh what a day
A wind, oh love
It’s God and love

Oh watch the wind
It’s going up, love
Oh bless, love, bless yes
Oh say and know and see

Oh bless oh know
Oh love oh sow
Oh live in grace
It’s open day

Oh the wind
Oh love
Open door
It’s open Heaven

Seven, seven, seven
Open Heaven, open day
Open day, open day
Yet now, yes be

Say, say now
Oh say now
Holy be now
Oh love, oh see

This holy wind of God
It’s open, it’s holy
This love this holy
Oh love holy

The wind, the wind, the door
Oh the secret, oh the wind
This is The Father
It’s open, open, open

This watch is open
Oh the wind, oh love
It’s open, open now
Oh The Father’s gate open

Yet it’s open
It’s open and now
Yet, oh yet
Oh be now

It’s holy wind
This wind is yes
It’s open, to open, it’s yet
It’s open yet

Yet it’s open
Oh His love is yet open
Yet it’s open
Oh love oh yet

See, see, see yet
Oh love oh yet
Oh yet oh God
Oh Love oh yet

Secret….secret…open Heaven
Oh the wind, it’s yet
It’s open, it’s yet
Oh love, oh yet

This wind, oh yet
Oh burn with love
Oh love oh yet
Oh love more yet

This wind oh be
Oh love now see
Oh love it’s now
Oh love, it’s God

See now, see yet
It’s open yet
Oh love, oh God
Yet oh be

Yet, it’s wind
Oh watch the wind
Oh Love in this wind
The wind yet is

Say, say, now know
This wind, this love
It’s wind, it’s yet
Oh yet oh God

Given by Papa God, February, 2014


1 Comment»

  Selah Vita wrote @

another beautiful story …and the wind is yet to come…his love is always blowing in the wind…what great love

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