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Living in The Wind—#poetry

Living in the wind

Living in the wind
It’s open, it’s holy
It’s holy, it’s God
This God is great

A wind, oh what a day
A wind, oh what a day
A wind, oh love
It’s God and love

Oh watch the wind
It’s going up, love
Oh bless, love, bless yes
Oh say and know and see

Oh bless oh know
Oh love oh sow
Oh live in grace
It’s open day

Oh the wind
Oh love
Open door
It’s open Heaven

Seven, seven, seven
Open Heaven, open day
Open day, open day
Yet now, yes be

Say, say now
Oh say now
Holy be now
Oh love, oh see

This holy wind of God
It’s open, it’s holy
This love this holy
Oh love holy

The wind, the wind, the door
Oh the secret, oh the wind
This is The Father
It’s open, open, open

This watch is open
Oh the wind, oh love
It’s open, open now
Oh The Father’s gate open

Yet it’s open
It’s open and now
Yet, oh yet
Oh be now

It’s holy wind
This wind is yes
It’s open, to open, it’s yet
It’s open yet

Yet it’s open
Oh His love is yet open
Yet it’s open
Oh love oh yet

See, see, see yet
Oh love oh yet
Oh yet oh God
Oh Love oh yet

Secret….secret…open Heaven
Oh the wind, it’s yet
It’s open, it’s yet
Oh love, oh yet

This wind, oh yet
Oh burn with love
Oh love oh yet
Oh love more yet

This wind oh be
Oh love now see
Oh love it’s now
Oh love, it’s God

See now, see yet
It’s open yet
Oh love, oh God
Yet oh be

Yet, it’s wind
Oh watch the wind
Oh Love in this wind
The wind yet is

Say, say, now know
This wind, this love
It’s wind, it’s yet
Oh yet oh God

Given by Papa God, February, 2014

“Words of Love”–Third Anniversary of publication #Books #poetry #Authors

Last Friday marked the third anniversary of our first book being published (February 14,2011). Words of Love is a volume of prophetic poetry as a result of a download Heaven gave us regarding Papa’s One of a kind love in 2007. If you have enjoyed some of the poetry posted here on, We hope that “Words of Love” is a blessing to you. If interested in purchasing a copy, feel free to message me. If you desire to preview “Words of Love”, visit http://www.interestingwriting.comFinal book cover

Oh The Secret, Oh the door–#poetry

Oh The secret, Oh The Door

Shaking nation
It’s hope, it’s now
Oh say, oh show
Oh know the secret

Oh the secret
Oh the door
The secret, the door
The door, the secret

It’s turning the door
The secret is you
The secret is yes
Oh the secret is you

Hosting the day
The day of light
The secret is you
This name, this day

The sign, the wind
The wind, the day
It’s love, it’s hope
The wind is yes

The wind, oh the sign
The sign, the love, the deep
Yes, you’re sowing hope
The wind, the sea, the deep

The secret, the secret, the day
The day, the dew, the day
The secret, the day
The day, oh yes

The door, the day, the door
The day, oh the door
Oh the day of here, there
Oh the day is you

Opening the door
The door is open
This love this day
The door, the door the day

The door to be
Oh the door to see
This is Heaven
The door this day

It’s open, it’s enter
It’s now, it’s you
The Love, the door
Oh the door

This secret is yes
Open and see
Open this day
Oh this day

This secret is yes
Open and see
Open this day
Oh this day

It’s The Father and The Word
This word this love
This word this you
This word is you

This secret, enter
This nation is showing
This name this time
Oh the door

The door and the secret
Oh sign, sign now
It’s open, it’s yes
The sign, the sign, the wonder

It’s the sign and the wonder
The wind, the word
This word is you
Oh the word

The wind is you
This wind is you
The word, the door is yes
It’s holy time

Given by Papa God, February 1,2014

Oh The Door is Open! (#poem, #poetry, #words)

Oh the door is open!

Yet, oh yes
Oh the door is open
It’s open, it’s now
It’s open day

Stay open
And say the word
It’s holy gate
Yes, it’s open

A door, a house
A house in hope
A house, a gate
It’s hope

A door, a door, a gate
It’s God—open!
This house, this gate
It’s grace, it’s He

This time
This sign
Oh sign
A wind

The sign, the wonder
The door, the door
It’s open, you go
This door, it’s open

It’s open, it’s you
It’s open, yes
Yes, it’s open in thee
It’s in thee

It’s you, a door of hope
It’s open, it’s yes
Open door
It’s open, yes

It’s open
A Heaven, a gate
A door of Heaven
A gate of hope

Given by Papa God, January 31, 2014