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Archive for January 1, 2014

Opening Day–#Poetry #CreativeWriting


Opening day
This day oh be
This wind is now
Opening the door

It’s now, now
It’s now you
Oh watch and know
This time be

This time, be
It’s you and Him
This new wind
This wind, oh now

This wind, oh be
The word of love
This wind oh know
The wind

Receive now
This love, oh know
The word is wind
This word, this day

The wind of these
The wind is now
The priests be

This wind
The wind oh be
Yet, this wind
This loving Heaven

Kings and king
This king is holy
The wind of these kings
The wind of the king

Humble now
Do and know
This wind, change
Oh now, oh know

Given by Papa God, December 30, 2013