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This Day, It’s The Sign–#Poem


Sign, wonder, sign
It’s sign, it’s wonder
The Word, the door, it’s now
Oh the sign

The Word, the door, sign
The sign, the sign
Sign, wonder
Sign, sign, wonder

Sign, word, love
Wonder-word of God
The deep abiding
The sign of grace

So open and so abide
It’s oh abide
Oh the sign and the sign
Oh the sign

See and know
See, do, be
The word of grace
The sign

A sign, a word, a deep
It’s wonder, sign, love
The Word, the door, the deep
Oh the sign

A word, a shake
A sea of love
Wonder, sign, grace

The sign of grace
The deep of grace
It’s abiding hope
Oh love God is

It’s day, oh, oh yes
Oh wonder sign
It’s open Heaven
It’s open door

This day, it’s the sign
So know and be
The sign of grace
Oh sign, sign, sign

Given by Papa God, January 30, 2014

Oh The Sign–#Poem, #Poetry


Oh the sign
The Word, the sign, the Father
The Word, the sign
Oh the word

Sow and know
The word of grace
The word and the sign
The word and sign

Sign, wonder-time
Oh wonder, sign now
Sign and wonder
The Word and the wonder

The Word, the wonder
The Word, the sign
The sign is
Oh sign…

See and know
Oh the Word is
Oh the Word does
So, oh know

This sign this new
This sign of love
The Word, the door
Oh sow

Oh know and know
Oh the sign
Sow in the love
The know of hope

The sign, the wonder, the grace
Change is a door
Oh sow and know the sign
The love and the sign

Given by Papa God, January 29, 2014

The Showing #Poem #Poetry


The showing
Oh the show of Heaven
Oh the wind
The sign and the word

Oh the word
Oh the sign
The sign, the word
The sign of hope

The sign, the wonder
The wonder, the sign
The wind, the sign
Oh word!

See, know, connect
It’s hope and hope
Open and do
Yet now

Oh the sign
Sign, sign, sign
Oh sign, wonder
The Word

The sign
The word of hope
It’s word, it’s hope
Yes, it’s hope

The word, the sign
Oh the word, sign
Commission and abundance
The Word

God is showing
Oh the Word
It’s open Heaven
It’s open Heaven

The wind
It’s love and hope
Oh love and hope
Oh love

God is open
Oh God’s hope
Yet, oh yet
Oh sow and know

The sign, the wonder
Oh the wonder
Oh His love
Oh wonder

Given by Papa God, January 22, 2014

Yet, There’s Hope (A#Poem #poetry)


Yet it’s hope
It’s open door
Open Heaven
It’s open, it’s now

Yes, you be
Oh see love and be
It’s hope, it’s His love be
Yes, it’s hope

Yet it’s hope
It’s love, it’s love
Open the Heaven
It’s hope

Oh yet it’s day
It’s day, it’s you
The day and the time
It’s hope and love

Oh it’s God and it’s grace
Oh grace and hope
Yes, you are

God in you
Open and be
Holy key
Open now

The wind and the wind
It’s word and hope
Yes, oh yes
Yes, be open

Shake-up, change
Yes, yes, love and see
Open and be
It’s open door see

This wind show
Open and know
Open and sow
Oh love know

Given by Papa God, January 21, 2014

Hope’s Door–A Poem (#poetry,#poem)


Sign, wonder, gates of hope
The wind, the sign, the door
The sign, the wind, the Heaven
The wind

The door in hope
Open and do
The wind, the door
It’s the wind

Open the wind
The wind oh be
Hosting the wind
Yes it’s open now

Change is
Open day, time
Yes, change, yes
Yes, yes, show

The word, the door of hope
The door of hope
This connection time
Oh the door

It’s showing and showing
Open and do
Oh the wind is open
Open and do

The word does
Open and do
Holy connection here
Yes, show, show now

Given by Papa God, January 18, 2014

The Wind Of Hope #poem #hope


Keep in the gate
And keep love and hope
Keep hope, grace, hope
Hope is hoping now

The sign, the wonder
The wonder, the door
The sign and the wonder
The wonder, the sign

Here, there, wonder, sign
Heaven and the wonder
The sign and the wonder
The wonder, the sign

This sign, this change
It’s word, it’s love
This wind, this Heaven
It’s God in God

The wind, the day
Holy is the wind
The wind and the sign
This word is hope

Shake-up, shake-up, shake-up
Holy wind, shake-up, shake-up
Sign, change, shake, church
The shaking change

Oh the change, the name
The love, the name, the love
The love is holy
Oh the sign and the wonder

It’s the wind and the wind
The wind you are
This shaking church
The Father shows now

The wind of hope
The wind of change
Holy yes, yes
Holy church

The wind now
The wind does
Oh the wind of hope
The wind

The wind is
This see
Holy this

Given by Papa God, January 1, 2014

A Thought on Dr. King–#leadership

Sadly, some now view prophetic leadership as the scolding of entire people groups. While scolding may point out the problems, it does not lead to the transformation Heaven yearns for in regards to our cities, nations, and institutions. Dr. King understood that prophetic leadership is perhaps the highest form of the prophetic. It does not merely see the wrongs of the culture it confronts; it presents Heaven’s vision of how the dwellers of planet Earth should behave. This vision points to the vastness of human potential–Christ in us the hope of glory. It points to a future rich with Heaven on Earth. It challenges young and old to fulfill it.King