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It does open—A #poem

It’s now open

It’s now…
It’s now open
The Heavens open
It’s Love and grace

God is a burning gate
He loves to love
He’s holy and Love
He loves and does

This love is a burning wind
The love and the gate
This holy Heaven is open
Does love be? Yes

Yes, love does
Love is a door
It opens with Heaven
Oh does it open? Yes

Oh yes
It’ does release
It does open
It does…

It does open
Yes, open it does
Yes it opens, yes
Yes, it does

Yes, does it? Yes
Yes, yes, you see
Yes you see it open
It opens

This entering of Heaven
This love and love
It’s holy and it’s great
It’s a burning word

This abiding God
This God of God’s
It’s love He is
This Love

This gate is open
This God is open
This God this day
This God is now

He abides
He lives and does
This love of God
Is holy

Given by Papa God, October 1, 2013



  TheGreatPlainsPoet wrote @

This poem reminds me of a musical terminology called: Pedal Point. Where there is a single note droning while others in its scale ascend and descend around the tonic. I like how you have crafted this piece that way. It speaks to the musicians heart inside of me. Great poem. Keep up the wonderful work!

  theseer1959 wrote @

Thanks for taking the time to read, Brother. To God belongs all the glory. And may he richly bless you!!

  TheGreatPlainsPoet wrote @

Yes, let us praise Him!
May God bless your ministry as well!!

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