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Archive for September 24, 2013

The wind and the king #poem #art

The wind and the king

Connecting kings
The love and the king
The wind, the door, holy king
Holy king

King, oh king
It’s God this day
Holy, holy burning wind
This king is holy

The wind, the be, The Father
Host and love His gate
The gate is holy
This holy

This connecting Heaven
This Love, oh love
The wind, oh this king
Holy is

Keep holy
This wind is abiding
Holy time
Holy is

This time, it’s Heaven
The wind be holy
This wind be holy
This wind

This time, it’s God yet
This day, years but love
This day, holy king
Oh the day of this

It’s God, oh Heaven
The word, the door, He’s holy
This burning oh be
This open be

This king
This one is holy
This gate opens
This king

This holy, holy time
This wind of Love
Open the door
It’s the Father

Given by Papa God, September 19,2013