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Wind Shaking #poem #poetry


Whisk, whisk
The wind, the wind
The wind, the wind
This wind

This nation is shaking
Hear nations, king see
Hear this
Hear that

This wind does shake
This wind is turning
Opening up to me
Holy whisk

Oh the secret, oh the king
The king is now
Holy king
The wind, the deep

Oh the Heaven is
The wind…love
So in love
It’s love in

King-love, king, king
The wind of God
The wind holy is
Ascend to Heaven’s day

This gate crashing
The wind? Oh it’s yes
Yes, it’s hope
The wind? Oh it’s yes

Gates open
Holy direction
The word, the wind
The wind, holy

Given by Papa God, September 18,2013


  TheGreatPlainsPoet wrote @

I love it when I run across another Christian poet. Nice piece here. I love the way it flows. If you get the time, please check out my work from my blog as well. I will be following you to see where the Lord is leading you. God bless.

  theseer1959 wrote @

Thank you so much. Our God is awesome and worthy of praise. Will follow you blog as well, Sir. God bless you and your work as well!

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