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Open The Door–A #Poem


The king is released
The gate is opened
The gate is opened
Opening His house

Open the door
The door to abundance
Oh the door of love
It’s love

Holy door
This door is abiding
This Heaven does abide
It’s holy abide

Entering the door
It’s God, oh love
Holy, He’s opening the door
It’s holy abide

This is the Father
Opening the door
This the Father
He’s a door

Gates of grace
It’s love and grace
His love is holy
This love

King abide
Abide and do
The love of God
Holy is this

Given by Papa God, September 28, 2013

Oh The Key–#Poem

Oh the key

Light, light, key open
This light, this God
Holy living, holy love
There love, holy key

Oh the key
Holy is this key
It’s a key, a key
A key holy

This key is holy
Holy is the gate
This gate is released
A key of Love

This abiding day
It’s wind and God
The door, oh what gates release
Opening this

Host now
This God of light
The name, the door

This is Heaven’s time
This day is now
This day be
Holy is this day

Humble and do
It’s the door of grace
Opening of the Heaven
Opening Heaven

Heresy they say, but no
It’s Love, grace
This time of light
Opening door

God is, God does
Holy is God’s time
This open Heaven
It’s Heaven

The day, the grace
The holy day
The word of Love
The holy day

It’s here now
This door of Love
A burning day
Oh what’s this day?

This king
Holy is
He lives
This God

This time is He
Open the door
Open the door
It’s He

The name, the door
The door, oh yes
Opening Heaven
It’s The Father

Given by Papa God September 26, 2013

This Heaven Holy–A Poem


Turning kings and kings
The releasing, the kings
This time, this nation, this mission
This nation hosts this nation

This love of the Heaven
This nation holy is
The love, the Father, the door
The Heaven, holy

Host the Heaven
The love, the burning wind
The door is holy
Holy door

This time, this king
The door of God
This time keep holy
Keep abiding

This day of love
This love is now
This love, holy
This love, holy

This day holy
This time be
This time of
Holy is

This time
Holy time
This time
This is

This word, love
This holy king
This day, be abiding
Holy is, holy is

The wind be, be abiding in
This holy, burning wind
This wind is holy
This holy, holy day

This time keep holy
This love holy
Holy time of light
Things are abiding in love

This loving Heaven is holy
The love, holy be
The love is key
It’s open this, open that

Given by Papa God, September 23, 2013

Words of Love–Our first volume of poetry

If you have found the poems on our blog to be encouraging and challenging, There is more to be found in our first volume under the title, ‘Words of love’ Published in February, 2011, Words of Love is the result of a season of Heavenly downloads of poetry regarding the one thing we all have need of –Love Himself. It’s thoughts range from nature to the nations. If you are curious about obtaining “Words of Love” feel free to visit

Final book cover

The wind and the king #poem #art

The wind and the king

Connecting kings
The love and the king
The wind, the door, holy king
Holy king

King, oh king
It’s God this day
Holy, holy burning wind
This king is holy

The wind, the be, The Father
Host and love His gate
The gate is holy
This holy

This connecting Heaven
This Love, oh love
The wind, oh this king
Holy is

Keep holy
This wind is abiding
Holy time
Holy is

This time, it’s Heaven
The wind be holy
This wind be holy
This wind

This time, it’s God yet
This day, years but love
This day, holy king
Oh the day of this

It’s God, oh Heaven
The word, the door, He’s holy
This burning oh be
This open be

This king
This one is holy
This gate opens
This king

This holy, holy time
This wind of Love
Open the door
It’s the Father

Given by Papa God, September 19,2013

Wind Shaking #poem #poetry


Whisk, whisk
The wind, the wind
The wind, the wind
This wind

This nation is shaking
Hear nations, king see
Hear this
Hear that

This wind does shake
This wind is turning
Opening up to me
Holy whisk

Oh the secret, oh the king
The king is now
Holy king
The wind, the deep

Oh the Heaven is
The wind…love
So in love
It’s love in

King-love, king, king
The wind of God
The wind holy is
Ascend to Heaven’s day

This gate crashing
The wind? Oh it’s yes
Yes, it’s hope
The wind? Oh it’s yes

Gates open
Holy direction
The word, the wind
The wind, holy

Given by Papa God, September 18,2013

This Holy King–#poetry


Live love and live grace
Heaven live and love
Heaven is living in love
It’s love burning

Open the Heaven
The door to love
It’s love holy
This God is

This Heaven is
This nation time
This time is
King, open, king

This king, this nation
Holy day is
Yes, is light
This open with light

Light be
Holy is
It’s light in grace
It’s light, yes

This wind and love
King days of grace
The love, the door
Holy King

This loving God
This holy Heaven
It’s holy, holy Heaven
The wind, the love

This loving love
This day, king
The King is holy
The love is

It’s love, it’s God
Holy day be
Holy be
Holy King

Given by Papa God, September 17, 2013

The Door Open #poem


Show, know, see, know
Healing, healing, God is living
Things and doors open
The door open

More of love
Heaven is open
The more of God
Oh more of God

The mantle is love
The mantle love’s in
It’s open in you
This open Heaven

The word, the word
This word love is
Open Heaven, love know
Open Heaven more

The wind, the name, He’s abiding
Oh the wind is love
This God oh love
He is knowing

Turn now, oh be
Holy is this God
This love be
Kings, open door

The wind, the wind sing
The wind sing
This day be
The wind, oh be

This light be
Oh the be, the see
King see
Turn, turning time

Given by Papa God, September 14, 2013

This Time, Shaking Time #poem #words


Shaking kings
Holy shaking
It’s love, it’s God
Kings shake

This time, shaking kings
Kings are shaking
This God is shaking
Holy shaking

This time, yes
Holy time
This time, shaking time
The vision, the stirring

This time, kings are shaking
This time, the shaking
This time, a shaking
This day, a shaking

Yes, this time
It’s time for this
It’s love shaking time
Love, shaking day

Given by Papa God, September 12, 2013

This Time, It’s God–#poem #poetry


Keep open, keep, turn
Open, open, open now
Holy day open now
Yes, love is holy

Yes, love is love
Holy love, oh open
Turning time, holy day
The door is open

It’s open Heaven
It’s holy day
This time this holy
The door is abiding

Abide, love, open
This time it’s God
This day now be
Love be

Kings release
The word is love
This love is loving
A love, a living

A love, a wind
Yes, wind, yes, God
Kings release
It’s love king

It’s love, it’s Heaven
Yes, love building up
King, king, Heaven’s Heaven
Yes, it’s the king

This light
It’s love be
This love be
Love be, be

It’s love, abiding: be
Holy is this day
It’s the king of this day
Love be

Given by Papa God, September 12, 2013