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The king abides #poem #poetry

The king abides

The king of days
He is the king
He king, He abides
He abides

The king abides
This king abides
It’s abiding now
The king is

This day this word
This word this time
This word this door
The Word

The Word, the door, the king
The Word, the king
The word is, turn things, showing
Love and God

This king is Love
This Love, this king
It’s Heaven, it’s king
This king does know

This of Love
This Love opens now
This turn, this know
He is this, the king

It’s Heaven, it’s this
This king is
Holy king
Of Love, of Love

This Love, this time
Of love, of God
Humble, and love and do
Things of Love

God does love
He is abiding
It’s Love, it’s hope, it’s God
The Love, the dew

Given by Papa God, August 28, 2013



  Selah Vita wrote @

love this…it’s amazing how there are little secrets in what you write…i always find it’s like looking for His treasures in your poetry,,,such as “this word is a door” it’s turning things…my goodness, you can feel the spirit speaking…i’m so thankful He still speaks through his servants!! thanks for always sharing with us 🙂

  theseer1959 wrote @

God is abundantly good! Thank you for taking the time to read these and the feedback. Blessisngs!

  Selah Vita wrote @

my pleasure! blessings to you as well 🙂 and YES GOD is soooooooooooo GOOD! (all the time) 😉

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