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Words of Love–Our first poetic volume #Books #Writers

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Final book cover

In 2011 Our first book called Words of Love was published. It is a series of poems, or what I like to call downloads from Heaven regarding the love of God. Our hope is that this book is a blessing to all, especially in the light of today’s headlines.

Words of Love can be previewd and purchased by visiting:

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Knowing the Wind #poem

Knowing the wind

Knowing, directing, living
It’s knowing, it’s doing
This knowing, this knowing
The knowing of Love

This knowing is in thee
This knowing is you in Love
This knowing is in you
Knowing, knowing, yes

The Love, The Father
The Love, the day
The nation, the day
The daytime

This knowing of grace
This God of grace
The Father loves to bless
He abides, loves and does, yes

God is entering the new wind
This new wind of grace
The wind of God is yes in love
This love is you

The wind, the mission, the day
This wind of light
The wind, the dew, the gate
Holy this wind

The mantle, the wind, the dew
The wind, loving be
This living, being of God
This wind is winding

The wind, the mission, the day
The wind of the Heaven be
This, oh this wind
This, oh this

The wind, oh the wind
This wind, this house
Crash, love and love
Oh wonders, signs, day

Oh love oh know
This love, this nation
The wind, the word
The wind

Given by Papa God, August 3,2013