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Ready for your moment? (A thought)

The time will soon come when the preparation God has taken you through ends, leading to a ‘spotlight moment’ where he calls you into the ‘open’ and meet the needs of many more. It has not been a waste, but a process. Be authentic, Be real. Know that the past can’t be revisited and the future is ready for you

Be ready...

“Miley”–A Thought

Once labeled an “American Sweetheart”, now more or less described as “the sinner of the week”. But not out of the reach of Heaven’s love and mercy. One of great aspects of Jesus in the Gospels is that he never made anyone comfortable either in their sin or their religious pride, but called all to come back home to God


The king abides #poem #poetry

The king abides

The king of days
He is the king
He king, He abides
He abides

The king abides
This king abides
It’s abiding now
The king is

This day this word
This word this time
This word this door
The Word

The Word, the door, the king
The Word, the king
The word is, turn things, showing
Love and God

This king is Love
This Love, this king
It’s Heaven, it’s king
This king does know

This of Love
This Love opens now
This turn, this know
He is this, the king

It’s Heaven, it’s this
This king is
Holy king
Of Love, of Love

This Love, this time
Of love, of God
Humble, and love and do
Things of Love

God does love
He is abiding
It’s Love, it’s hope, it’s God
The Love, the dew

Given by Papa God, August 28, 2013

Connecting Heaven #poem #words

Connecting Heaven

Connecting Heaven
Heaven connecting
The Heaven connecting
Oh blessing, blessing

The love of God
The love wholly is
This nation- turning time
Holy is, holy does

This door, this God
This love, oh Heaven see
This Heaven is holy
Holy is He

This God, this Heaven
This Heaven does,does
This is, this does
This Heaven

This is The Father
This Heaven is God’s light
This Love does do love
This God is yes

This light, this hope
The Live, the door, The Father
This dew of light
This is God-destiny

This sowing God
The Love, The Father
Humble yes, and great
This God is hope

Given by Papa God, August 19,2013

Holy Love knows–#poem

Holy Love knows

God knows and knows
Holy Love knows
Holy Heaven, secrets, abidings, light
Holy season

The season of light
The day of light
Holy blessing
Love, blessing

The Love, the door, the Love
Holy blessing
Abide, bless and love
Love-time so know

So love, so turn
So know, sow time
Sow time and know God
Love is holy, know

The wind, the dew, the cycles of light
The wind, the secret, Heaven
Humble yes, love is
Turn, turn, so know

Given by Papa God, August 22, 2013

The door is now– #poem #poetry

The door is now

There are doors of Heaven
God’s doors, it’s time
The door is now
It’s now

The door is now
It’s now time
It’s time, it’s now
This time now

It’s now the door
It’s now the door
A door open
A door to Heaven

It’s Love, it’s you
A door of grace
A door to Heaven

This wind, this Heaven
A wind, a door
Love, time, be open
It’s the door of God

This loving God
The word of Heaven
The Father, oh The Father
The Father, oh He abides

The vision of abiding
This time this now
A love, a wind
The word of God

Given by Papa God, August 20, 2013

It’s God, it’s Heaven #Poem #Poetry

It’s God, it’s Heaven

It’s God, it’s Heaven
Open Heaven
Heaven, oh the Heaven
Heaven, oh this is

The Father’s abiding
The abiding of Love
The abiding of God
Heaven, God’s abiding

Oh Heaven, oh Heaven
Heaven, Heaven, holy is
This Heaven, this God
Heaven is holy

This Heaven does
This day, time, day
This time…

Live this now
This day is
This time be
Abide and be

Yet the mantle abides
Abide, abide, abide in God
Wholly abide
Yet abide

Live, live, abide
Abide, abide now
Abide, abide in Heaven’s day
Abide, be, be

Given by Papa God, August 15, 2013

New house of Love #Poem #CreativeWriting

New house of Love

New house of Love
The mantle of blessing
The blessing of grace
Yes, grace

Love turns names
Oh Love turns houses
Yes, it’s time for blessing
A door of Heaven

A door to abundance
A word of grace
It’s the more of Heaven
The door to Heaven

It’s Heaven-time
The wind of grace
God lives, Love-time
The time is

The wind of deep grace
Showing and knowing and mysteries of Love
The Word, the wind, The Father
Abundant love is abundant love

Given by Papa God, August 14, 2013

The Crash–A word for America

Oh Abide #Poem #CreativeWriting

Oh Abide

God, oh Heaven
Heaven, oh abide
Oh Heaven abide
Oh abide

Oh God, Oh God abide
Abide God, Abide God
The wind, the wind oh abide
This wind, oh abide

God, oh God
The wind and the wind
This wind oh abide
God, oh God

This abiding
This abiding
It’s abiding
Oh God

This Love abide
Abide, oh God
Abide, love abide
Oh Heaven, oh abide

Abide, oh Heaven
Oh God, oh grace
God, loving God
Love, holy be

Yes, holy love
Abide and love
Oh Heaven, Love
Oh blessing, blessing, oh abide

Yes, abide
Oh love be
Oh love oh be
See, oh see

Loving openings of God
Oh be abiding in love
Oh love oh God
Oh be love

It’s open days
Oh Love be
Ready? Ready? Live there
Entering Heaven’s day

Humble love
Humble grace
Oh blending love
Abundant God

Test love, holy is
Showing great Heaven
Abundant grace
Open Heaven

Given by Papa God, August 6, 2013