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A day, a grace, a love–#Poem

A day, a grace, a love

This is grace, this is grace
Love, grace, grace now
Grace does and does
It’s grace, grace, gate, love

You see His, His love for you
Love for you
It’s love for you
Love live in

Sow and know and sow
A love, a love, a love, a love
A love, a hope, a burning love
Holy is this

This day, oh this time
A day, a time
A time of Love
A love, a word

It’s open Heaven
This love, this hear
Oh love, be, be of love
This of love is Heaven

Keep it, keep grace
This day, oh this more
Holy time holy be
The time see

This hope is entering
A day of love
Yet, yet, yet is
Yet is, is

It’s the Heaven-time
The time for God
Yet time, time, time now
Yet it’s now

Given by Papa God, July 31, 2013

It’s you and God–#Poem

It’s you and God

Know it and know grace
It’s you in God
It’s you and Him
You, Him, grace

It’s you, it’s Love
It’s you and Love
It’s you and you
And it’s you now

It’s you? Oh yes
It’s you and these and these
You, you, yes, yes
Yes, Heaven, you and yes

Yes to God
It’s yes to Love
Yes to Heaven
Oh yes, yes

Holy is God
It’s He you in
Yes he you in
You are, you be

You are and you be
You be, are
You are in wind
Of God-love

Yes wind, it’s now
Love, oh wind
Wind, be now
You be and see

Holy wind
Yet wind be
Yet be wind
Oh be, be

It’s the wind of God
The wind He is
The wind of Love
The wind of God

The wind, the wind, the day
The wind be
Yet it’s wind
Yet it’s God

Given by Papa God, July 30, 2013

Entering of Love #Poem

Entering of Love

Entering of Love
Oh the love is entering
It is time for nation to love
Oh love is now

Time, directing, blessing
It’s time for blessing
The door opens , now open
You see oh it opens

Watch and see
See now
It’s love, it’s now
Love now

Oh be love
Oh see love
Love-time be, be
It’s it’s daytime

Given by Papa God, July 25, 2013

Now The Wind #poem

Now the wind

Now the wind
Your wind now be
The wind be
This now this day

The word does live
It loves, it be
The wind, the door
The wind, love be

This wind, this be
This wind-time
This wind-time
The wind of Heaven

This day oh be
This day oh know
This house of God
This wind you’ll see

It’s loving, it’s shaking
It’s love in Heaven
The wind, oh the wind
You must know

Given by Papa God, July 25, 2013

Live The Wind—#Poem


Live the wind
The wind be
The wind be
The wind see

Holy day
Of love of God
Holy day
This love oh be

The wind, the be
The wind oh see
The wind oh you see?
Yes be

Given by Papa God, July 22, 2013

Holy Wonder #APoem

Holy Wonder

Wonder, wonder, God’s love
Holy wonder
It’s The Word, it’s Heaven
The Word, the wonder

The Word, the wonder
The Word, the wonder
The Word He is
Yes The Word is

This love this holy
This love this day
This love this holy
This love; oh you are a vision of it

This time this nation
This day this day
This time of love
Abiding love

Oh the love, oh the love
Oh love, oh yes
It’s love be, neighbor be
It’s love be

Yes, oh yes, oh God
Oh love holy, it’s love be
The Word, the day of God
Oh be now

Given by Papa God, July 22, 2013

It’s love, oh now –#poem

It’s love, oh now

Time in now
It’s now God’s day
Love oh be
Oh be, oh love

See me, see God
And see God in this
Love oh be
It’s love oh now

This nation, it’s nation, oh love
Oh love, oh nation
Love-time be, love
It’s love more

Love turn, love now
It’s love-work in love
Wonders and season
It’s signs and mission

Signs of light
It’s the sign of light
This day this time
Love is now

Given by Papa God, July 20, 2013

Yet God–Part II—#writing #poetry

YET God – Part II

Yet it’s love
Oh yet it’s light
Yet God it is
Yet it’s love

Love is, is now
Love is now in love
It’s now in God
It’s the door and the door of Heaven

Given by Papa God, July 15, 2013

Oh love-time #poem

Oh love-time

Oh the word, oh grace
Live, live, work love
Oh be in love, love
Ocean is love

Love holy now
Sow loving words of love
Love oh love oh God
So know His light

Heaven and the Heaven
The Heaven is entering
This nation turning time
Be nation, be in light

Releasing time in grace
The new word, love be
Love, oh be love
Oh love-time

The dew? Oh new
Loving word, it’s loving God
This burning love oh be
Love be

Showing, showing now time
Loving, being love
It’s living in the love
It’s opening the door

Given by Papa God, July 19, 2013

Bell-Time #Poem #poetry


Bell, bell, bells
Oh the bells of God
Holy bell…
This is God

Yes, oh the bell
The bell of grace
This time now is
Oh the bell-time

This day of abundant love
The day of blessing now
This bell now be
Oh now see

The mantle, the mantle, the door
Oh the love of God
The mantle, yes you see
This gate oh be

Given by Papa God, July 15, 2013