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Archive for June 14, 2013

Love, Oh love

Love, oh love

Love, love, oh love
Oh love this, love that
It’s love in Him
It’s love in Heaven

Love, oh love, oh Heaven
Love, oh Heaven-love
Oh love, oh now
Love, oh now

Love, oh love
Love, oh He
Love, see it
Oh Love oh know

Oh love, oh see
See it, see Love
To see it is to see Heaven
It’s Love in Him

It’s God in Love
Love hosts love
Receive and bless and do
It’s love, oh love

It’s Heaven, oh love
It’s love, oh love
God knows, He loves, love
Oh love is, oh love is

God is love, love
It’s time you see it
Love, oh love, oh yes
Oh love, oh God

Given by Papa God, June 14, 2013