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Archive for June 12, 2013

Loving is God–A poem

Loving is God

God is open now
God is now open
Oh God is open now
He loves now

Entering the gate of Heaven
God loves mercy
Oh He is holy in you
Yes, God is; new days

Oh God-living, God news
Oh loving is God
Oh loving is God
Oh yes, God is abiding in love

Loving, God’s love
It’s loving, God’s love
Oh God loves to know you
Love is now

Showing and knowing and knowing and seeing
Oh loving and know He is
So love, know God
Cycles, love, live now

Seventh day, love is
It’s love in you
Love in you
Love in you

It’s God, You are in God
You are, you are in Love
Love, urgent, Love is
Love-open God

Yet you’re to know it’s love
Oh love oh know
Oh know oh know
Release love now

Given by Papa God, June 6,2013