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Love does open—A Poem

Love does open

God opens doors
He does love
Love is open Heaven
Love does open

Love does open
Love abides…open!
Open the door to Heaven
Open the Heaven

Love is open now
Oh love does, does, does now
Love opens the door
Love is open

Open door!
Open and love and do
Open and love now
Love opens things

Release the love
Love opens the door
Oh love opens doors
Oh love opens door

Receive and love and know and be
Love burns, love does
Release, abide, know
Oh love, know

Love be, know
Oh be and know
Seven day grace
It’s God now

Given by Papa God, May 31, 2013

Love is Abundance in Him–Poetry


Love is abundance in Him
Love is a gate of light
Oh Love is He

It’s love be
Love be
Love is God, yes
Love God, love this

It’s love, it’s God, you are
Love in Him
It’s love in Him
Love be in

The Father, love is in
Love is a burning love
Oh love is He
Oh love is now

Love abiding now
Rush, rush into love
Love be in
Love be in, send

It’s God-love be in
Send and love and know
Love, urgent now
Open the door of God

Given by Papa God, May 27, 2013

Love is He–A Poem

Love is He

God is abiding
God is living in love
Love is He
Love is He

Love is God
Love abides now
Love opens the house
Love is now

Oh love, oh now
Rain love now
Burning love of God
Oh love be

Love opens doors
Oh love, abundant grace
God’s love is now
Love is now

Send love time
Oh love-time
Show love now
Love-time be

Turn time
Time now be
Open door, open door
Love opens door

Given by Papa God May 27, 2013

Love does open, love #Poem

Love does open, love

You’re to show, you’re to show and know
Oh love, oh see
Oh love, oh His gate
It’s Love, oh love

It’s Love, oh love
Oh live in this word
Love is open, love
Love is open, love

Oh love does open,love
Watch Love, watch hims
Oh wind, love; oh wind
Wind is, love is

Oh be abiding in light
This day, this love
Vision days, grace be
It’s love, oh love

So know The God of gods
Oh love He is
Seventh day, grace be
Preach love; see now

Given by Papa God, May 23, 2013

Whisk! A Poem


Whisk, whisk, whisk
Whisk, love, whisk
Whisk, love, whisk, God
Whisk is entering now

Oh whisk, whisk
Oh whisk, whisk
Whisk be
Oh whisk now

Things shut now
Whisk be
Oh whisk now
This whisk

It’s whisk and love
This whisk of Heaven
Whisk now
See now

Surging grace
Whisk, bye-bye
God releases whisk
Whisk more

It’s turning time
A wind, a word
It’s word love
Whisk be

Whisk, bye, see
Turn this time see
Oh turn this time
It’s open door

Open door
It’s open door
Whisk be
Seek love and seek God

Given by Papa God, May 22, 2013

The Word, The Door of Grace #Poem


The Word, the Word; the door of grace
Oh God-grace
Oh God is, God is love
The love, the gate, the door

The door to Heaven
Oh love and living
The love, the door of God
Love is turning days

God lives in grace
Love is turning days
So love and know
Oh love know

Oh live in God, live now
Love now in Him
Oh love in, love now
This love this now

Love burns with God
It’s love, it’s Heaven, be
Oh be abiding now
Oh be open, oh be now

Sing and know His grace
Oh sing in grace
It’s love, it’s now
Oh love oh know

Oh love know
Oh love in love
Oh be, be know
Be open to more

Oh know Love
Receive, abide, know
Oh bless and love
Love, oh love

Sing, time, know
Open the door to grace
It’s love in God
Receive the love and do the love

Sing, time, know
Oh be, love be
Sing and be love
It’s God in thee

Mercy, it’s God you see
Oh love, oh be
Love is now in God
Release and love and know

Shake, shake, time turn
Oh love, oh live
Oh live oh know
Be and know and see

Open the door and do
Door, door open
Show, and show the Father now
It’s God in yes, love

Sing now in love
Oh love oh be
Be love, see
The wind is now

This day, this time
This day time
The day of God
Oh love, oh love

Vision turn, turn
Oh be, oh know
Oh love is now
Love now

Show, show, now know
So love, know love
So know, so be
Oh love is, be

Sing, be and know
This time of Him
Oh love oh sow
Sow love, so be

It’s loving, it’s knowing
Turning the nation
A burning love, a burning God
It’s love open door

This Heaven, this Heaven
The love, the door
It’s God, it’s Heaven
Oh love, oh God

The Word, the door
The door of love
Oh love is God
Oh love, oh Heaven

It’s Heaven, it’s time
This day of light be
It’s God in thee
The love is

It’s light be, be
This be is now
They say, how and how
Send, send it now

Given by Papa God, May 18, 2013

Love is A Burning grace # Poem


Love is a burning grace
Love is a burning grace
Grace, abiding in grace
Oh grace, abiding love

Oh love, oh grace
Oh love, oh grace
Grace, abiding love
Grace, abiding love

A burning grace
Oh grace, abiding love
Love is a burning love
Love burns with grace

Grace, abiding grace
Oh love, be in love
Oh love, be love
Oh love, oh live

You’re to receive the blessings of grace
Love is abiding love
Oh love abiding love
Oh God is abiding, love

Love, abiding grace
See, mission to grace
A blessed love is He
Oh love is loving, love

Oh love, oh live, oh know
Live in the wind of love
So love so know
Love is now

Turning time love is
Things open, things turn
A love and light of Heaven
Oh love be now

Given by Papa God, May 4, 2013