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Gifted to find talent–A Thought #arts #faith #religion

Ed Sullivan, a former Newspaper Columnist in New York was the host of an American TV variety show which ran from from 1948 to 1971. His Sunday evening programs were a national event which introduced Millions to talents ranging from Elvis to the Beatles to the Jackson 5.

The butt of many jokes for his on-stage demeanor, Sullivan was nicknamed “old stone face” . Yet for any entertainer in those times an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was a high-water mark which either enhanced or broke a career in show-business. While he was disliked by some, Many in the arts and entertainment world viewed Mr. Sullivan with gratitude as one who gave them and their careers a jump-start with one appearance

One may not be able to sing, dance, or make jokes brilliantly; but he or she can possess the God-given ability to identify talent in others , and release them into the nations

Ed Sullivan


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  dianarasmussen wrote @

I remember this show! And, I used to watch Johnny Carson with my mom too. Maybe she’s dancing with Johnny in heaven these days! 🙂

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