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Be Love #poem #art #writing


The word, time is turning
Oh turning days
Oh turn time
Oh be time

See, be love
Be the burning word
This day, this time be
Be, be, see

See, be and love
Releasing the blessings of love
Receiving the missions of grace
Oh love be

Oh burning, burning grace, mercy
Oh love is vision of grace
So love be great
Be love, be mercy

Oh be love
Be of love
Oh love be open now
Oh love is now

Oh love urgent now
Oh love mercy now
Be a be of love
Oh love in grace

Receiving a living love
Oh love is urgent
Mercy, angels, grace
A burning word of love

Of love, of God
Show now love
Oh love be open
Love is now

Love is yes
Yes, love be
It’s love in Love
Be love be

Given by Papa God, April 27, 2013



God is urgent and great
Receive the name of love
Release love and grace
Release miracles

Release miracles in grace
Release miracles in grace
Release days of love
Release the light

It’s light, it’s grace
Say and say the love of God
To say is to say
Say now be love

Oh say and love and say
Say and love say
Oh say grace
Say love

Release love and light
Sing and live in grace
Sing in love’s grace
It’s love in grace

Oh grace, grace now
Releasing angels now
Oh releasing miracle love
Releasing grace

Oh love oh know
Oh love be in
Oh be, be in
Release love in love

So know the mercy of love
So know the love
So love in Him
Love in

Love be in
Release and be in
Release grace and be love
Receive love, receive more

Given by Papa God, April 27, 2013

Receive–A poem


This name of grace
The gate opens now
Grace is, grace now
Grace in grace

Grace is abiding, yes
Grace is living, yes
Grace does live, be
A be in Love

Receive, receive His love
Receive the Love He is
Receive, the Father, receive
Receive the blessing in grace

Oh receive God in love
Receive His love
Live, be, abide
Oh receive and love

Receive, receive, now receive
Oh receive the blessings, He is
It’s God, receiving God
It’s God abiding now

Receive mysteries in love
Receive, great day
Receive His love more
Receive more

Receive and love receive
Receive the Father receive
Oh receive the love, receive
Oh receive now

Given by Papa God, April 23, 2013

See It More–Pt2


Secret, direction, Heaven
The secret is released
The secret is open
Oh the secret is open

This day, this day
Day, day now
This day? Oh, gates open
Oh gates open

This more of Heaven
Love opens the gate
Oh the gates open
Oh the gates open

This day of love
The love of love
Love is now
Oh love be

So live in now
Mercy, abiding light
This now of love
Love be

Turning days
Oh it’s day of light
The day of light
The day of Heaven

The day of hope
Oh the day of hope
The day of love
This day of

Oh this day is now
Oh now be
Teach and see light
Oh living in love

This mantle of love
It’s love oh love
Love, oh grace
Grace, oh love

This grace, this love
Love be open
It’s love be in
Oh be in

So know the secret
Oh the secret of love
Oh love is sowing in grace
It’s love, more grace

This light of light
It’s grace and grace
It’s grace and Him
It’s grace and Love

It’s grace opening up
Opening up, opening up
Oh it’s grace opening more
Oh more, more

See It More–Poem


See more, more light
See it more now
The name, the Father, His grace
Oh see and miracles see

More in, more in
More in love
Oh more grace, more Him
Oh it’s more in, more of

This mantle is open
So abide, be abiding
It’s open Heaven, be open
It’s open, burning wind

Grace in Him
Oh light be in
It’s mission of grace
Yes, grace opens Heaven

It’s daytime
Abiding in Him
Miracles, Heaven direction
Yes, love be in

Receive the Father
It’s God living in, yes
Oh God-abiding Heaven
Yes open days

It’s going and seeing
Living in the wind
Yes, the wind of grace
Grace in Him

This mantle, release in love
Great time in Heaven
Yes, light be, yet be
Be in, be light

Secrets, opening now
Light be, be, be
Be, be, be in
Be holy in grace

Sing in love
Miracle living, be
This great day in grace
Oh light is open

This secret this day
A light in love
Mission, mission
Heaven’s light
Receive and live more in love

This abiding day
It’s God-light in light
God’s blending, God’s light
Yes, be open, be open

Receive and be in grace
Receive and be grace
Yes, it’s light and grace
Grace works in grace

God’s light be
God’s time be
Seek and see light
And see great time, great time

It’s light be now
It’s light in love

It’s grace in love
It’s grace, love
Be a burning wind
It’s God in light

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2013

Holy is This Day–Poetry


Heaven opens now
The deep love of Heaven
This Heaven is opening now, now
This Heaven is open for this day

This Heaven this day know
This day this blessing now
This day of light be
This open door know now

Holy is this day
This day is open day
This day is turning now
Open door, open now

You’re seeing and knowing
Open the Heaven, see this now
Enter and know the secrets of light
This day is open

Say, know and be
This day be and see
This day be abundant
Oh this day see

Oh the be of Heaven
Oh the be of His love
Oh the be of light
Oh see more in Heaven

This new day be
The be of His love
Oh love opens abiding now
Oh love opens the blessing

Love-abiding time
Oh love-abiding light
The love of Heaven
Holy house is

See, be and know the name
This day is turning
This time of abiding
Oh abiding day

This time, be abiding
This day of God
Oh day of God
Oh love of love

A show of God
A burning God
This day, this by, this be
Be living in love

Surging light be, see
It’s love, see
Oh the day of living in God
This day of more

Oh more grace
More time
It’s more His grace
Burning in love

This mantle grows now
More living in grace
Oh God, Oh light, oh see
Secrets, love and destiny

This mercy lives
Love abiding time
This day be, be
Circuit of Heaven

This day of burning
Surging light in grace
Love is abiding, know
Oh love be so

Collide in love, show it
So love and be
Open the door to love
Oh love-abiding time

It’s now, burning day
It’s being in living
This mercy of living
Of love and love

Oh love, oh now, oh see
Miracles of love
Oh love, burning word
Oh God lives more

Mercy gates, holy love
Open the door to grace
Love burns with Him
Mercy, mercy, grace

Secrets, burning be
Mercy and burning wind
This now love
It’s time and day

It’s His light and grace
Love is destiny’s grace
Secrets, answers, living in grace
It’s now day now

Connection: grace, love, God
Love burns, love
Oh God lives, be in
Oh be, see

Living in the deep
Living in grace
See the love of Heaven
And see love burning

It’s light and light
Burning light be
It’s holy abiding love
Abiding love

Given by Papa God April 18, 2013

Grace is Rising– Poem


Correct grace, correct light
The light of hope
See the Heaven in grace
Grace opens God

Grace is rising
It’s grace released now
Great days, open door
It’s day now

Great time, day now
Day of love time
Oh day, love be open
See it in grace

The living grace
The grace is open
Love opens Him
Oh love is open

Oh love is abiding
Oh love is here
Here now is He
He is a burning love

See And Live–Poem


Turning days now
The day, the day the time
Oh day and time
Oh day and time

The time, the day, the abide
Abide in Him; be, see
A be, a see, a light be
See and see and see

And see and know
And see and know
See, do, live
See, do, see

And know He’s holy
See, see great days
The day, the time be
Day be

See, say, know
See, know now
See, be holy
So live, so be

Holy see
And know and see
See, know, be
So live, be, see

Secrets and living
See living gates
See His living love
The mantle of holy

This growing Heaven
The love of His grace
See things in love
See the Father now

See time, day, love
The day, the daytime
The day of light
The time of love

So live love now
So live now in
Holy and abiding in
So live, now be

Given by Papa God, April 16, 2013

Grace, Abiding Grace-Poem


Open the door of grace
Open gates of Heaven
There’s love, there’s grace, there’s yes
Oh yes, yes, yes!

Yes, it’s light and love
Light, grace, Heaven
Grace, Heaven, abundant love
It’s love, it’s grace

Grace, abundant grace
It’s grace, it’s great
Oh love, oh grace
It’s love, grace, Heaven

The wind, the Heaven; yes
Grace, love, burning grace
Yes grace, abiding Heaven
Grace, oh great days

The day of Heaven
The light of love
Grace is holy gate
Grace, abiding gate

Grace, abiding grace
Oh grace, abiding Heaven
The grace, the secret of Heaven
Of Heaven, of hope

Hope and love
Holy abiding grace
Oh grace, abiding grace
Oh grace, abiding Heaven

This great time
Oh light of love
The love, the dew of God
Wine of grace

Grace loves living
Grace opens grace
Open door to Heaven
Love, holy day

Given by Papa God, April 16, 2013

Sing Grace–Poetry

Sing grace

Enter the secret
The secret of Heaven
The secret of light
The Heaven, the secret

The secret is abiding
It’s Heaven and grace
The secret of God is, He’s love
Secret, cycle, Heaven

The secret, the day of love
The secret is, He’s love
Secret, the secret is light
Secret is light

The mantle, the grace
Great day, great secret
The secret, the burning love
The secret of grace

Grace opens Heaven
It’s Heaven abiding in grace
Great is The Father’s grace
Oh love, grace now

Sing grace
And sing grace
Sing grace
Sing grace

This grace is open
Sing grace now
Sing grace more
Sing in love

Sing in His love
And sing in love
The wind, The Father’s grace
Sing and know love

Sing days, sing Heaven
Sing days, now sing
Sing days, sing enter
Oh sing in the love

This sing, this be
This know, this be
The new day be
It’s Heaven’s day

Holy cycle
Open the day
Holy day, cycle
Open the secret

It’s God love
The secret of Heaven
So love now, now
Oh love day be

So turn, turn time
This time this day
Oh be abundant, be
See, be, be

Holy holy; be, be
So abide and see
Holy abiding be
Burning, burning, burning God

This day be burning
This day He’s abiding
Abide, abide, light abide.
Light be, oh be

Given by Papa God, April 16, 2013