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This Light Be–#poetry #art


Grow in love
Oh live in love
Oh love in God
Oh live in Him

This love, this light
It’s love, it’s light
It’s love-light
This love-day

This light is night
This night is light
Oh light, light, light

This light is light
It’s love-light
This light of Light
This light be

The new hour of God
It’s light and light in this house
It’s light, this day be
This day of hosting hope

This nation, this day, this love
Oh live now in the name
This name is great — He’s Love!
This love, this day

The name, the name, the day
This love of love is light
It’s holy day, it’s light
This light is Love

This love of hope
This love opens new
This love is new
New and dew

Love new
Yes, love now
Oh no? Love now
Now do, now see

Will you live, live in love?
Live now in this
Live, visit, live this
Oh live this

This love, this open Heaven
The Father, the Father opens now
The love, the dew, the dew
Love in God

It’s open Heaven now
The Father is love
The Father loves now
The Father is holy

Love is holy
This love is live, living
Love this now
Love, this name

This name is God
The name, love, name
This name, this name of light
The name, the name, light

The Father, the dew, the new
The new hour, the new name
The Wind, the Word, the Father
The Father, oh love

His love is holy
Oh love holy
Love is burning love
Love is host

See now this day
This day of light
The day now know
Is love, is grace, is light

The day, the day to be
The day to be
The day see
Oh, this day know

Given by Papa God, February 26, 2013

The Name of Love #poetry #art


Live in this house
It’s love-day – day love
This name is holy, yes
It’s love-holy

Shine in the Father
The name of love is now
The name of God is Light
The name is God

Oh love this now, love
This name is Love
Exceed in love
The Father of love, the Father now is

The wind, the day, the dew
The day of light, the day of God
Exceed in the love, exceed in the light
It’s love-day now

The wonder, the dew, the dew
The wind and the Father
The Father , the wind, the dew
Oh the Father, oh the Father

The Father, the new, the new
The wind, oh wind
This day, this name is Love
Oh love is hosting now

Given by Papa God, February 25, 2013

New And Now #poem #poetry #art


This is knowing and new
This new day see
This new day, deep
This new day see

The man, the dew, the vision
This name, this name of Love
It’s love does now
The wind of love

It’s love-day
It’s love-time
The love is
Love now

Love new
New now
New, see
New day

New now
Wind see
Oh love new
Oh love new

Show and know and know secret
The new wind of love
The wind He is
Love-wind see

Holy here now, see
The wind you see
The wind of God
The love of love

This day, this new
This wind be
Oh the wind of the Father
Light, love, time see

This day; night day
This day, time see
This day, time now
Oh sigh, sigh, sigh now

New day, new time, new wind
This God is, new day
The new wind of love
Oh love now, now

This love of love
The love-light
Oh love-day
Oh new watch

Given by Papa God, February 15, 2013

This Day of God #poem #poetry #Art


This is a mystery and it’s Heaven
It’s great day, day
It’s day of gates open
This day of God

It’s open now
It’s love now
This love-day
It’s love now

It’s love, you
This love now
Love know
And know it

Things urgent
It’s love-day
Love now
Do now

So know, do
And know and do
Love, do that
It’s day, day

This see, this now
This day, now
This day see
This day of

Visit, see, sigh
Visit, see, know
This grace is, know
See this

This secret is now
This now love
Love now
It’s now

This you’re to say
This love now see
Say this grace and say
And say now

Say now
Visit this day, see
See the house of God
And see His light

Secret, secret time
This day, this day
This day of God
Oh this day now

Given by Papa God, February 14, 2013

This Is New #poem #poetry #arts


This is new
This new day is now
Its name, it’s grace
This gate this day

Oh this day of love
Oh it’s love, oh love
Oh love is opening now
Oh love is now

This wind, this wind, this wind
This wind of the Father
The wind of light
This day, new day

This day, new day
This house this day
This wind is in
This wind oh know

The wind and the love
The wind and thee
It’s love in you
Yes, love new

New love, new Heaven
The wind is now
The love and love
The Father now

Oh now, now
Oh love now
Oh love now
This love day

This name, this God
This love He is
He abides in this
This open day

This day, do
It’s day, day
Oh it’s day, see?
This see

This new day
Oh see now
Oh see this
This love now

Given by Papa God, February 14, 2013

This God is Open #Poem #Blog #Art


God is open now
This secret, this deep God
This love, this God is open
This live, this dew now

Oh no? Now, now, now
Oh yes…day now
This day, this time, this nation
This day of love

Oh say, say now
Oh say and say
Oh see and know His great day
Oh see, do know

This deep of Heaven
Oh see it now
Oh see, know now
Know that God sees now

It’s wind, it’s wind, it’s now
This wind, oh see this wind
This wind, oh know
Sow this, sow grace

This loving Heaven holy
This loving Heaven know
So abide and know
Oh know now

Oh see and know
This new wind is now
This wind is in this day
This wind is now

This wind is new
This new of love
New wind, new day
This wind…oh no? Yes

Yes to this
This love is naming, yes
Oh yea, oh yea!
This is opening day

This day, this day of Love
This watch, new watch
This love of God, oh love
This God, this God this house

This secret, this new
Immerse in the wind
This leader, this nation, this grace
This dew, this new—-

This new of Heaven
This dew of God
Whine, whiner…no, love
This day is now

Given by Papa God, February 13, 2013

This Love This Day Do #Poem #Love #Arts


Love, live, know and know
This love is God, it’s love, it’s Heaven
This love this day know
This word of Love is now

The word is love, it’s Love for you
This love of love for thee
The wind of love is in the gate
This love of love know

This love of love in you
This love of God know
The watch, the dew, the day
This love this day do

Given by Papa God, February 8, 2013