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A Thought #love #purpose #God

The Love of God is not only a feeling but an intent.It is the yearning within His breast to bring each soul planted on earth into the fullest expression of who he designed them to be

Love is Wind #Poem #poetry #art


The wind is great
And the wind is love
The wind is He
The wind be

It’s wind, wind be
This wind see
This wind of
This wind send

The wind of
This wind new
This wind-day
Love is wind

This wind-burning wind
This wind directing
This wind-day
Wind now

Sow in, know now
This wind host
This wind lives
This wind-day

Given by Papa God January 26, 2013

A Prayer for Artists Worldwide #video #arts #renaissance

New Day See #Poem #Art #poetry


See and do
This word see
This see, see
This see now

This day see
The word see
This see now
This know, see

This do and know
This know now
This due day
This now know

This do, this do
The do now
This now, now
The dew, the new, the now

This know, this do
This new nation do
Do know, do see
The new house of Love

The Father lives now
The dew, the dew of his grace
The new day see
New day now

This nation, this nation, day
New wind of love
This wind is in
This day now

This day now
This day see
The dew; He see
Oh see, do

This day, this do
You see and know
Oh know and know
Oh know now

Given by Papa God, January 19, 2013

This Word Is… #poem #poetry #art


The word is Heaven, the word is Heaven
And the word is Heaven
This word is Heaven
This word of God

The word of Heaven
The word of His grace
The word of Heaven is now
This word now

The word of God
This word of He
The Father, the Word He is
This love, this love, this God

The one God
This love He is
This love He is
The one Love

This host this Heaven
This word this God
This now this day
This nation this day

The Word, the Word, the Father
This nation, this day know
This nation, this nation now

This day know
This nation, nation turn
This nation, now turn
This nation, now time

This house, this day
This word, this nation
This mantle of love
This love live

Given by Papa God, January 19, 2013

Open and Wind See–#Poem, #Poetry


Love, abiding Heaven
The wind, the Father know
This day is day
The day, open day

Open and wind see
Open, the day see
This day this deep
This wind of Heaven seen

The day, the deep, the Heavens see
The deep wind, the deep Heaven
The wind, the deep, the door see
The wind of Heaven now

Watch nation, day now
The wind of days now
This day of God now
The deep, the deep, the day

Wind, day, open Heaven
The wind, the wind, the wind
The wind, the wind do
Oh wind now

The wind, wind; a burning Heaven
The wind, the word, the God
This day this word this Heaven
The wind, the wind-day

Given by Papa God, January 19, 2013

This Wind of Heaven–poem


Wind, the wind, the gate, the God
This wind, open Heaven
This wind of Heaven
The wind of Heaven

The wind, the wind of His grace
This wind this deep
This wind of Heaven
This wind hosts love

This wind of God
This wind-day
The wind of His time
This wind hosts

This word, wind, word
Shocking open Heaven
This day of God
Open now

Say now, my light
This day of God now
Wonder, see wind, grace
The wind deep

Given by Papa God, January 17, 2013

This New Day–Poem


Live in Him
Live in God
The Word…He and He
The Word, the love

The Word, the Word
The love, the Father
The watch, the hope
The watch, the watch

This, this hosting God
This word this day
This Word is hosting, yes
This new day

This new house, He’s here
This hosting love
The new day is, nation
It’s new day, new day

The new hour
Oh, the new hope
Oh, the hope of Heaven
Oh, the host He is

This wind is now
This Heaven is now
This Heaven now is
Oh, the love of He!

The Father, the gate, you are
This love is urgent now
This love is open day
This host is now

Given by Papa God January 11, 2013

This Word–Poetry

This Word

Send, send
The word, the word, the word
This love, this word
This word now

The word; now, now
This word now
This word deep
This word

This watch of love
This hope He is
This host: God
This host: Love

This Love; this holy hosting
This love, this gate
This love this day
This word see

The word now be
This word is see
See,be, live, see
This word to see

This Word, this deep God
This word of Love be
The word is to be
The word, and see

The Father is and does
The Father loves and sees
The Word and The Father
The Word, The Father

This love and love
This love, this love
This love, deep gate
This love …

Given by Papa God, January 10,2013

Oh this day (poem)

Oh this day

This is going-in now
This is going-in day
This day is day
Oh, this day

The day, the day, see day
The day, the day be now
The be, the be; see and be
The Heaven see and see

You’re to see, be and see
The deep love of God
The Father, the Heaven, you be
Abide, abide and see

Abide and see
Hosting Heaven’s Heaven
You’re having hostings of Heaven
A burn, a turn; Heaven

This nation this day
The Father, the burn
The watch, the Heaven
This day, this house

The watch, the gate
This open nation now
This open Heaven now
The dew of Heaven

The dew, the dew, the new
This dew, this new
The dew, He is
Open, see, seek

Given by Papa God, January 11,2013