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This hosting God (poem)

This hosting God

He is hosting Heaven
He hosts love
The Door, The Door He is
This hosting God

This Word, this God of love
This Word, this host
This Word, this host
This host is Heaven

This open Heaven host
This Word, this open Heaven
This host, this Heaven
This open Heaven

Counsel, love, Heaven-day
This love, this love, this Heaven
This God, this God He is
This love, this love He is

The Father, the Word, God
This God, this Heaven this day
Operate hope, love see
God this time see

The watch, The Father’s love
Abide, love see
The Father, The Father see
The Father see

Given by Papa God, December 20, 2012

This Word this time (poem)

This word this time

He is a gate of hope
He’s hope and love
The Word, The Father, He is love
Open door of love

This love, this Heaven this day
This word, this time this day
This love, this love
It’s love, it’s time

This Love, this Love, this God
This Word, this loving God
This Love this day see
This Love, this house

This love this time
This love this time
The Word, the gate, The Father
This love, this house

This word this time, yes
This word this day
This word this hope
The word this day

Given by Papa God, December 10, 2012

The Father Is Hosting–(poem)


This is holy, is holy, is open
It’s hope, it’s love, it’s Heaven
It’s love, it’s God…holy
This love, this God is holy

It’s love, it’s open Heaven
Burn, worship and love
This love, this hope, it’s Heaven
This love, this Heaven now

A burn, a direct word
Hosting an open door
This hosting is open now
The love, the gate, the God

This God, this open Heaven
This open door of Heaven
The Father, the Heaven, the love
This God, this love, this house

The wonders, the days of Heaven
This host, this God
The wonder, the sign He is
This Heaven: it’s Heaven now

This watching, this Heaven
Things open now
The Father hosts now
This love, this love, it’s God

The Father’s hosting
This love, this love time
The Father, the gate He is
Upper Heaven, it’s Heaven hosting

Given by papa God, December 3, 2012

THIS! Part 5 (poem)

THIS! — Part 5

Hear the nation, hear the Heaven
Heaven, holy Heaven…
It’s love, it’s love, it’s heaven
It’s Heaven, this nation, Heaven

The upper Heaven, the Heaven he is
A burning house he is
Holy Heaven hosting love
Hosting Heaven, host love

This new host of love
This love-host, love
This day is now, nation
This day this house

This house, this nation
This God, this nation
This nation, nation: Heaven
This Heaven, this nation

This living, loving Heaven
This day, this Heaven-day
This day, this now, this day
This day, this house, this Heaven

This holy thing
This hosting gate
Hosting Heaven is open now
This house, this house, this hope

This love-day
Host and know He is
This love, this new hope
This word, this open door

This word
This house-day
This Heaven of Heaven see
This see…

This watch of love
This love He is
This new gate open now
This God, this day, this

Receive, this nation this day
This house this day
This love this time
This love-thing

Given by Papa God, December 5, 2012