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Archive for October 28, 2012

This day this nation Pt 2(poem)


There’s an open door, there’s an open God
Things and doors and Heaven and thee
This love, this love, this Heaven
This love, this God, He is

This God is host of love
This Heaven, this host of love
This love, this dew, this light
This host, this God this love

Things open, doors open
This love, this Heaven this nation
This day this nation
This time, this day this day

Open and do and know the love
This God this love this day
This Heaven this day this day
This day this house

Seven is God now
This Heaven, this day this house
This house, this love, this Heaven
This day, this time, this nation

Open door, open day
This day, this love, this Heaven
This open door this Heaven is
This open door, this Heaven hears

This Heaven, this nation is
This holy day is
This open door is
This open door now

This love this day
This holy time is now
This open door of God now know
Things open now know

Given by Papa God, October 26, 2012