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Archive for October 26, 2012

This Day This Nation(Poem)


God hosts, God knows
He enters, He loves
He enters the nation
This nation this God is entering

Oh host, love, it’s God
This nation, this nation hosts the Father
This day this nation this God
This nation, this Heaven, this light

It’s Heaven, it’s God, love
This day, this nation is Heaven
Heaven hosts this nation
This nation will host Heaven

This nation this day is hosting Heaven
This hosting nation is God’s nation
This nation is God opening now
This day, this nation, this day

This day, this day, this nation
This Heaven, this nation, this Heaven
This God, this love, this nation
This day, this nation…nation…nation

This nation, nation, day
The Father, the dew; He is holy
It’s Heaven, it’s love, it’s holy
So love so, nation

Given by papa God, October 24, 2012