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This Heaven, This Love, This God–A Poem


Grace, love, holy love
Counsel, love, Heaven’s day
Holy is love, it’s holy, it’s love
This Heaven, this love, this love, this God

This Heaven, this love, this God, this nation
This Heaven, this love, this day you see
Heaven’s love – love now
Holy and love, and love, love

This love is God; it’s light in love
The love, the love, the Heaven
The word, the God, the love, the day
The Father, the gate, yes now know

Counseling: love, God, Heaven do
The wonders, the day now see
The wonders, the day is now
The secret now, now time is now

The wonders, the day, the gate is now
This Heaven, this God, this nation
Holy is love, it’s God, it’s you
The love, the new love see

This holy day is holy nation
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven know love
The watches, the day, the Father know
This love, this nation, this day

Given by Papa God, September 27, 2012

It’s Heaven–A Poem


He, He is
God is, God now
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s Heaven
The love, the hope, the gate

It’s holy, it’s now, it’s know
Holy is love, live now
So holy is Heaven now
So abide in this now

Holy is Heaven; it’s Heaven to see
Send, say, love know
So abide and know the secret
Say and know and know

Say the word, send and know the word
Send and know the Father
Send, send, send now
It’s love, it’s love, it’s love

Open house see
Wholly deep in Him
Sowing, seeing, open Heaven
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s Heaven

Given by Papa God, September 25, 2012

It’s Heaven, It’s Love–A Poem


The love is love, of love, of God
God and love and love and live
Open Heaven, open love, holy is love
The Father – living love

Living in living in living in Heaven
Open door: Heaven is knowing love
This nation is going in time in Heaven
A burn, to live in Him

Say, see, love know
Open door of God know
A burn, a love, a live, a seer
A burn live, live, live now

Enter, enter, secret day
It’s Heaven, it’s love, love, love now
A burn, a word of love know
This love is now – know

The watches of Heaven now know
The watches do now
The gate to love see open
The Father knows, live, know secrets of Love

The wonders, the door is open
The Word, the Father know
Sow in love and sow in God
It’s hope, it’s love, and live now

Given by Papa God, September 22, 2012

Love, Love-Upper Love: A poem


Love, love – upper love
A burning love, a burning heart
A love, a living-Heaven love
A burn, a love, a love, a Heaven

A burn, a gate, of Heaven
A gate of Heaven, a love, a gate
A gate to know, to see, to know
It’s Heaven, it’s God: Love

The watch, the love, the secret – love
Holy time in the Father now
Open the watches and love and live
Holy and holy time turning now

Open heaven nation now
A burn, a turn; love, live, nation, time
Open door, holy time live, see
Holy and abiding time

Given by Papa God, September 22, 2012

A Holy Day–Prophetic poem


The door of love is as Heaven
This day, holy day
Holy and holy day, day
This open Heaven nation see

Holy day, counsel of light
The new, the dew; the God of Heaven see
This wonder, this day see and do
The wonder, the day, the God of gods

Angel of God; now time, time know
This holy day, this God of day
God is open Heaven deep – go see
It’s open gate; it’s holy day know

The mission, the gate
To open is now
It’s holy, it’s open
You are to see

It’s holy, it’s holy, it’s God
This open door this Heaven know
The wonders of time, yes time
It’s Heaven, it’s holy, it’s yes

Given by Papa God, September 20, 2012

A Thought: King David

A company of souls in debt, distress, and discouragement could on the surface do little for a king-to-be in David. Yet in a cave at Adullam he welcomed them and poured what He knew of his God into their lives. In time many of these discontents became men of renown themselves. It’s one thing to curse those who we deem as beneath us, or not doing enough to better themselves. It is an entirely different thing to risk throwing misconceptions out the door and pour what God has placed into our hearts as Christians into those who can’t do anything for us in return. Yet it is a test of Christian royalty

This Holy Time Know–A poem


Love is holy, love is Heaven
This light, this Heaven, this Heaven
The Father, the Father: holy is God
Answer to God and love and know

This holy time, know light, sigh
Leader: love, live, know
This love, this God – He is love
The wonder, the secret, the God

Sacred love, Heaven’s nation
The Father’s time know now
The gate, the Heaven, the dew
A burn, turn, love now

Heaven, gate, time see
The Father, the gate to know
The wonders, the direction of God
This holy time say, this holy time show

Given by papa God, September 19, 2012

Heaven’s Light See–A poem


Love…love…know it
A gate, a light, a Heaven
This Heaven is Heaven to know
This light is Heaven: is Heaven, is light

This Heaven is light is light
See light and secrets of love
The wonders, the signs of God
Yes, you’re to live and live and do

Counseling and living and saying
See, know, see, do
Holy is God and light
Send and see this time know, know

Wonder do see and know
Secrets and time see
This gate is love, see
The Word, the door, see

Given by Papa God, September 18, 2012

This Day See–A Poem


A burn, a burn with love turn
See, do, know God
The word, the sea of love
The wonders of God see

Heaven is open this day
The word day see
The shaking angel, now time see
This day see, nation

A gate of Heaven, now time be
Counsel and love and do for Heaven
The Father, the burn, live time
The wonders, He is
Cycle, light be

Given by Papa God, September 5, 2012

The Wonders of Heaven See–A Poem


There’s a sending, there’s a word, there’s a Heaven
The wonders of Heaven see
This gate of grace see
The Word, the day to be

Urgent day know, see
The wonders of Heaven be
The hosting of the Father’s hosting
This gate know now

This word, this Heaven, time be
This Heaven, to know secrets
The gate of grace; now time, now see
The wonders of light be!

Heaven day see
The watch of God see
God love, God be
See secrets of holy, holy, holy time

The wonders, the vision, the gate
This holy Heaven, God, light, love
It’s Heaven, it’s holy time
The wonders, the day know, see

It’s a wonder, it’s God
Turn time, see
This Heaven see more of
The wonder He is see

The waters, the word, the holy here
See and know and see
The word, the Heaven know, see
The wonders of Heaven know

Given by papa God, September 5, 2012