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It’s Heaven you see–A Poem


This is love
And live and love
Get in the secret of the Father
It’s holy, it’s a burn, it’s love

It’s holy, it’s holy, it’s light
It’s a burning house to live in
Mission of God, a burning love
This love is entering hope

It’s Heaven now, it’s Heaven see
This a burning house see
This living house, loving be
This open door to love

This hope is living love
The watch, the Father, the love
These holy, holy days
This gate is Heaven

It is Heaven
The watch, the Father is
Oh connect, oh live and be
A burn, a gate to know

The Father, the Father, yes
This holy time now love
Pattern, time see
It’s Heaven you see

Given by Papa God, August 28, 2012

This direction of Heaven now see–prophetic poem

Counsel,love,day…grace day
The watch, the gate, yes
The watch, the gate, The Father
The word of love is light

Urgent love, love, love
A burn to do for God
This day is God’s, is Heaven’s light
This Heaven, this Heaven live

The word of love, the worship
This angel, this Heaven
This day of God is light see
The watches, the day of God

This day, gate open, now see
The word, the gate to be
This day, this love to see
This holy Heaven living love

This house Love is
Show and know and send
This gate of grace enter now
This living Heaven see

Releasing the gates in love
This direction of Heaven now see
This gate of God see
Urgent love- in time

Given by Papa God, August 20,2012

This gate of Heaven Know–A poem


There’s an open door, an open house
The watch, the word, the Heaven
This nation, God-gate
The Father, the Father’s gate

The word, the gate to Love
This gate of Heaven know
This Heaven of God is light
This Heaven, this Heaven day

God and Heaven’s nation
Holy and abiding now
This holy heavens of love
This Heaven, this Heaven’s day

The word, the new, the day
This door, this nation know
The word, the Heaven, the know
The watch the gate…is…now

Given by Papa God, August 25, 2012

The Watch–New Day, A poem


Live and do know love
Holy, the holy, the Father’s gate
Heaven loves, the gate is
This watching gate is

The watch, the gate, the gate, the Father
The watch is…He
The word of love, love, live
This open Heaven you’re to now know

The watching light, shake up
Consulate and grace and love
The word, the Father, the gate
This Heaven living, living now

This open door of love see
The word, the word see
The word of love, the word is love
The Word, The Word is He

Holy day, new days see
This nation, this nation do see
This gate, this nation, this house
This house is holy nation

The watch – new day
Holy love, and love and live
This watch, this watch, this live
The watch, the gate – today

The word is love: love and love
This holy gate of God
This open door to Heaven now see
This God of Heaven…holy

The watcher, this light is
This Heaven, a burn of God
The one God is God
The word, the hope is

Given by Papa God, August 18, 2012

This Burning House–A poem


This day, this love, this light
The Word, the hand of love
A wonder, a word, a hope
The watch, the word of love

This watch now abide
Holy is the Father’s gate
This God know, this light know
This gate live, live…sacred

This holy house, holy house
The word, the word of Love
This open door – Love
A burning day, gate open now

This gate, a burning house, grace
Holy God, a burning hope
This God of Heaven, living love
The watch, the much of love

A burning gate, a burning house
This Heaven of God live
This a burning gate live in
This open door: holy is

Given by Papa God, August 16, 2012

The Wonder–A poem


The wonder, the door – love
This is light and light see
It’s wonders and direction and grace
Love and live and know the Father’s love

This word of God is love be
This open Heaven see
This open Heaven be
This day live, see

This mercy of God lives now
This day is light see
This open door now see
This open day, living day

A burn, a gate of Heaven
Here, there see hope
This word: love, live, love
The watch, the gate, live now

Given by Papa God, August 15, 2012

This Hope is Light Now–A Poem


The wonder, the sign, the love
The one, one day
The watch, the gate; love now
This day is Heaven and Heaven

Holy angel, Heaven day
Holy hope and Heaven’s light
Heaven loves, Heaven now
This holy day, light be, see

The watch, the Father is Heaven
The watch, the gate, light see
Holy open Heaven now, now
This hope is light now

This word, this light, is light
The watch, the gate, now, now, light be
This gate, this nation; live, live, live now
This love, love live

The watch, the watch, the nation
This Heaven nation love
This hope know, light now
Holy is the Father’s now

The watch, the gate; night, light be
The word, the door of Heaven
This holy day of light
The watches, the Heaven, now light see

Given by Papa God, August 15, 2012

Hear Now, Hear Heaven–A poem


Hear now, hear Heaven
Heaven, God, love, yes
Shaking and turning and doing
This nation is open Heaven

Holy turnings, shaking house
This gate of Heaven; know it, love
This holy time in Heaven now is
This open door, love-send

The watch, the new day, know it
The word, the dew of Heaven deep is
The word, the dew, the love see
This word, the new nation is

It’s open Heaven is, yes
This gate, new house, new day
Watch and love and know the hope
Send love, new house

The watch, the gate: yes, yes, yes
This Heaven does open nation
This open door is open now
Open heavens, secrets, entering, new day

Mission, open door to nation
Heaven and Heaven, know this nation
The go, the go, the gate opens now
Secret angels, open Heaven

This open day, new days of Heaven
Turn, turning nation
The mission, the mission to know the Heaven
This nation is open, open nation

This knowing, this nation
This Heaven of Heaven know now
It’s going and doing and knowing
This nation, new direction

Given by Papa God, August 7, 2012

A Thought..

For centuries five smooth stones were immersed in a brook hidden from sight . One day a little-known shepherd boy named David took them as instruments of destiny to slay a Giant and deliver his nation. The worst part of waiting is thinking it will be forever, and feeling ignored by God and society. But the hidden will suddenly come out of hiding to confront the giants of the day, and bring a new way of Kingdom worship to church and culture

This House Is Holy Love–A Poem


See and know and see and do
Directing heavens directing light
Heaven loves and does love
A burn house is love Heaven

This open door is holy
The gate, the gate of God
This day, love and do for love
This word, this Heaven, this light

The word of God, the word is love
The word of God: love
The word, the holy house of Heaven
This word, this now house

Sign, dine, holy house
This house is holy love
This open Heaven, secrets and love
Heaven and abiding, open now

The watch, the new day
This open door to Heaven
The word, the door, the Heaven
The wonders of God open now

So live and know and do
Heaven is open now
See now, know and do
Share light, love, live

Given by Papa God, August 2, 2012