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Archive for July 30, 2012

It’s hope and Heaven–A Poem


This is worship, this is love
It’s Heaven’s holy hour, yes
God and love and yea
This love is Heaven

This Heaven is holy you see
It’s working in light in love you see
The watch, knowing Heaven’s Heaven
The word, the word of Heaven

This house…
This new nation of hope
The word, the new house of God
The watch, the new day opens hope

It’s hope and Heaven…
The watch, hope and love
The watch, the Heaven, the day
This house…is Heaven

The watch, the new day is
It’s Heaven open day
Word and love and new
This watch you see, you see

Open door, open now
This hope is Heaven love
A burn of Heaven, of Heaven
A burn of Heaven is love

Given by Papa God, July 28, 2012