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The Watch is open is now–A poem


The watch is open, is now
This holy enter of love
It’s watch, it’s word, it’s holy
It’s a burn, it’s a holy, holy angel

This gate, this open Heaven
This commission, this Heaven
It’s open day of Heaven
It’s open day of Heaven

A burn of Heaven, yes
This watch of Heaven, yes
This holy, urgent day
It’s holy Heaven now

It’s going, it’s holy day
This burn, this day
This open Heaven now day
Enter now, now say

Given by Papa God, July 28, 2012

It’s hope and Heaven–A Poem


This is worship, this is love
It’s Heaven’s holy hour, yes
God and love and yea
This love is Heaven

This Heaven is holy you see
It’s working in light in love you see
The watch, knowing Heaven’s Heaven
The word, the word of Heaven

This house…
This new nation of hope
The word, the new house of God
The watch, the new day opens hope

It’s hope and Heaven…
The watch, hope and love
The watch, the Heaven, the day
This house…is Heaven

The watch, the new day is
It’s Heaven open day
Word and love and new
This watch you see, you see

Open door, open now
This hope is Heaven love
A burn of Heaven, of Heaven
A burn of Heaven is love

Given by Papa God, July 28, 2012

Holy Mystery–A Poem


The watching is now
The word is Heaven
This hope is love and Heaven
It’s going in Heaven in love

The word, the know of God
A mystery of Heaven is
Show and know and know
The word, the house of God

This house is Heaven
This house is holy, yes
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s you
Yes, you love, you know

You’re to know, you’re to love, you’re to know
This open Heaven know
The word, the know, the nation
It’s holy, open Heaven

A burning one you are
A nation of Heaven now know
It’s open Heaven now see
A burn, a burn see

The watching heavens you see

Given by Papa God, July 28, 2012

Great commotion–A poem


Here now, here now!
This watch is Heaven’s house
This holy, abundant Heaven
This abiding Heaven

This open Heaven
This connecting God opens nation
This watch, it’s Heaven
The watch…yes

This watch, this now
It’s going in greater time
This gate is open now
Commotion, open Heaven

The watch is open
This holy angel is open
This commotion now, love
Show, know and know

Open door, holy now
This holy gate; know it is Heaven
Open door, holy and love
This holy time

This secret is holy
It’s word, it’s holy, it’s holy
A burn, a gate, it’s love
It is holy, it is a burn of love

It’s holy day, yes
It’s holy, it’s holy open Heaven
A burn, a holy, a burn
It’s a gate of Heaven

Given by Papa God, July 27, 2012

Love Is Holy–A Poem


Love is Holy
This word is holy
Its holy love, its love
Its holy house, its holy love

The watch, the watch of Heaven
This holy house of love
The word, the house of Heaven
This word is Heaven

This house of God you are
The word, the door is
This house is Heaven
This word is love

This watching love…
This holy hour love is
This word of Heaven know
It’s a burn of love, Heaven

Given by Papa God, July 26, 2012

It’s Heaven! –A poem


This is watching and knowing
This word, this love is…
This word is Heaven’s house
This open door see

It’s watching and doing
This holy house, know it’s Heaven
It’s holy day, yes
This holy is, yes

It’s working love in you
Working in love in you
This holy, holy, open Heaven
This word, this Heaven

This word, this word, things of love
This word, this word, time is
This open door is Heaven
It’s word, it’s holy, it’s Heaven

Given by Papa God July 24, 2012

This Holy Time See–A poem


Here, here, love, here
This word, this watch, Heaven
It’s yes and yes to light
Sacred risings of God
Shaking words of Heaven
This holy day is words of Heaven
Shake up, words and God
This holy time see

Given by Papa God, July 24, 2012

This Watch Is Love–A poem


God of love
This watch is love
The word, the Father is love
It’s watch, it’s know the love

It’s words of Heaven, love and love
The Word, the know of God
The watch, the know of God
It’s watch now

Given by Papa God, July 21, 2012

It’s Watch, It’s Know, It’s Heaven–A poem


Yes, light is
This light, love, time
The holy day is open now
This open day you see

The God of Heaven, the God of light
The watch, the God, the gate
The God of Heaven, the heavens open
The watch, the heavens open

The gate, the God, the Father
The Word, the heavens of God
This nation, this nation
Is going in love

The watch, the Father is
The Word, the gate of Heaven
It’s watch, it’s know, it’s Heaven
The word, the dew know now

Given by Papa God, July 21, 2012

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