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Show Here, There, Heaven–A poem


Show here, there, Heaven
The God of gods, sing to God
Abide, love and live
Abide and love see

Open Heaven deep in love
Abide and love and know
Abide and love sow
Abide, love see

It’s God, love deep
The light of God see
Open heavens know
Open Heaven now

Holy is God, yes
Holy house, light of God
Holy house, Heaven sing
Holy God, see light

The watch of Heaven now is
Holy is God’s Heaven
Open door, light of God
The light of God see

Given by Papa God, June 26, 2012

This House of Heaven See–A Poem


Show and know, the gate of God
This nation is entering gates
Oh see the gates of God now
This house of Heaven see

Open door, light see
Sing, love, the gate of God
Open Heaven, sing deep in God
Love is the Father’s Heaven

Holy Heaven, sign of God
Holy house, deep Heaven
Abide and blessings now know
Open day sign of God

The watches of God know
Abide in Him know
Open door to see the gate
The deep of God know, see

Given by Papa God, June 26, 2012

Sing Now!–A poem


Sing and love and sing
This nation sing
It’s gates of God you’re to see
This day sing

The word, the day, the house
Holy day, God love
Open door, sing in Heaven
Holy is Heaven’s day

This house, gate of God
Open door today
This house of God see
This Heaven, deep Heaven know

This day, love deep
Holy day of God love
This day Heaven know
Holy day see

Given by Papa God, June 26, 2012

This Nation Is Turned To Heaven–A Poem


Show now Heaven
See Heaven now, know, see
The dew-love, the dew now
It’s Heaven now. Day see

Sing and know the secrets of Heaven
The dew of Heaven see
The Heaven, the circuit of Heaven
So wholly see

The word of Heaven, time know
Sign, sign, sing now
Upper Heaven, time turns, Heaven
Endings and now sing in the day

This Heaven time deep
Heaven does turn nation
The direction, the nation, the Heaven
This gate is now, now, nation

It’s Heaven day; see deep in Heaven
Abide, turn hearts to love
Sing, turn, turn now
This nation is turned to Heaven

Given by Papa God, June 26, 2012

Words of Love—A inspirational poetic journey

Our First book, Words of Love is a poetic journey dealing with many topics, but the same theme–the love Papa God has for you. If you’re interested in a copy of Words of Love, you can visit

Receive Heaven’s Day–A Poem


See and see the gate of God
It’s Heaven-day, see
The dew of God, the dew is now
Holy is this

Do see, sing love
Open Heaven’s holy day
Receive abundant love now
Send and know the deep of love

Receive Heaven’s day
It’s the day of Heaven
It’s Heaven day see
It’s the Father you see

Receive His love in thee
Holy and Heaven and Heaven
Abide and love and know
Holy is Heaven, now

This house is love
See now deep in Heaven
Deep light see now
Open Heaven now

Given by Papa God, June 22, 2012

This Is Heaven-Pt2—Poetry


This is Heaven
Holy is the gate now see
The deep gate of gates open
See and know, He see you

Deep, deep in gates
Holy day, deep Heaven
Abide you, see deep in love
Abide and love, love

Heaven opens doors
Abide, love and live
Open door of Heaven now
Open door of Heaven see

Given by Papa God, June 21, 2012

Heaven Is Going In Now–A poem


Heaven is going in now
Here, there, yes, yes
See God say, light see
To say, to see, to say, to know

Turn, see hope live now
Holy, holy time yes
Yes, see tears, love-tears
Open door, see now

Say, turn, say, say
Stay, see, say, day
Holy day, holy say
Turn, turn, say, see

Send, send, turn now
It’s Heaven turning in nation
Shaking nation, turning house
Open door, holy day

This nation is Heaven’s nation
See now, see yea
Abundant day you see
Abide, say, say

Open door to see
Open Heaven to say
Open door say
Open door holy

Given by Papa God, June 19, 2012

This is Heaven–A Poem


This is Heaven
This is light
Holy is Heaven
Word and Heaven

Say and know and know
Say now, see house
Say time, say Heaven
It’s Heaven now see

The watch of God
It’s urgent, it’s Heaven, it’s light
It’s light and love
The Father loves you

Commotion…the word

Given by Papa God, June 16, 2012

A Thought..

Some may view you and your life as not worth anything, yet to The Son of Man you’re worth everything. He shed his blood to prove this timeless truth to you, me, and the billions on this planet whom he created after his image. He not only wants this love to warm your heart, but act as the rudder navigating you safely through the unstable waters of public opinion.