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It’s God to See


Counsel love and love
Holy abide of Heaven
Holy day, open door
Door of love see

Holy is love
Much love, yes
Turn, turn now
So know His light

Send, send, now see
Abide and do and see
It’s love, it’s God to see
Do know love now

Turn, do see
Abide and be
Love does turn you now
Send and know, Heaven’s Heaven

Much! And love and do
Holy day live in now
Open Heaven now
Sing and know the Father

Open Heaven deep, angels
Open Heaven of Heaven
Tears and Heaven
Open door now

Open door Heaven
Abide and love in love
Love does Heaven’s Heaven
Doors of Heaven, of Heaven

Given by Papa God, May 20, 2012

Watching–A Poem


Live and know hope
Open door deep and do
It’s Heaven in this nation
Abide and have light

Sing and say, Heaven’s Heaven
Open the house, love
Holy day, deep Heaven
Watching and Heaven

Gate and sign and God
Water of God; live, live, see
Watching holy day
Watch and love

Given by Papa God, May 16, 2012

So Abide and Know–A poem

So abide and know

Time does know
God know, God know
Holy day, deep now
Shut ins, love and know

Open Heaven, deep Heaven
Deep God, deep Heaven
Holy day so abide
Marinate, love and know

Enter the Father
So abide and know
Abide, know, Abide see
Abide and know His Heaven

Tent, tents of God
See and know the love is in
Abide and see His words and see
Open Heaven, dear love

So know the love of God
Open Heavens now do
Open door to love to see
Open Heaven see

Mystery, deep in love
Open door of doors
Enter the house and see
See, do, stay in

See me in this house
Holy day, deep now
Wonders, signs of Heaven
Open Heaven…

Given by Papa God, May 16, 2012

Words Of Love–A Volume of prophetic poetry, can be purchased at:

Papa God’s love call–A Poem


Shaking, end of this
God, in God, end
Men are open to me more
God, open Heaven

So abide in words of God
More abide and know the word of God
God loves, God knows
Words, love, Heaven

Holy is word of God
Hold and love and see
So abide in love and know
Abide in love, in Him

The end of this is now
Love, visions of love now
See the Father and love the house
Love live now

So abide and know the Father
God does abide now
Marinate, see, know and know
Love time now

Given by Papa God May 13, 2012

Words of Love–A volume of poetry

Over the span of several months between 2007-2008, The Holy Spirit downloaded to me several poems regarding the Love of Papa God. Words of Love is a book based on this journey. It’s them is love, it’s variations are many and it’s intent is for blessing those who read it. You can order Words of Love by visiting

It’s God doings–A poem


Who is who in this?
Oh God is, day love
God know, God new
New now, new day

Yes, it’s Heaven now in this day
Hoy time of Heaven’s now
Watch and love and see
Waters of God turns houses

Enter and love and circuit the love
It’s Heaven-time now
Holy day, love now see
Abide and blendings of God

It’s God doings, know it more
See and know His word in this nation
Abide and know its love
Know it’s me in thee in you

Given by Papa God, May 11, 2012

Heaven Is Doing This–A poem


Who and when and when?
Heaven is doing this
Holy here, there, live this
God in day, God-day

See, say, see
Holy time be now
Shaking change now turn now
See now, time new

Can, can see now
Hearts and lights now do see
Holy day, time turn
Change, day now know

Show, know, time see
See now, time know
Holy day, time now do
Show and live, the love in Love

See now days of love
Marinate, live new now
Holy day, deep love
It’s light now, deep light

Given by Papa God, May 15, 2012

It’s Now God’s Now–A poem


New, it’s now
It’s now God’s now
God does new
Send and do and know

God new, God now
Love new, love know
God new, God see
God see new nation

Given by Papa God, May 11, 2012

Heaven lives in Heaven–A poem

Heaven lives in Heaven

Heaven lives in Heaven
Yes, you see it is
Say, do see
See God’s nation, you see

New is God-love
The man of Heaven loves God
It’s love, it’s God-love
Watch and do and love

God does now
Abide and love be
Holy is Heaven’s Heaven
Open door, God’s Heaven

Watching and blessing, and Heaven
Watching and love lives
Love is love day
You see new love

Yet know Heaven’s light
Waters and love
Holy love, love
Holy day see

Given by papa God, May 5 ,2012

Love is Heaven’s Now–A Poem


Yet love, yet tears
Yet Heaven, love yes
Upper Heaven, Heaven, Heaven
Heaven, Heaven, Heaven you see

God does new, God sees
See love, know Heaven
See God, know now
Love directs you, Heaven love

Upper Heaven turn now
God loves you – live!
Sendings of Heaven, sendings of God
Holy is God

Love new live
Love do’s, love do’s
Yes Lord, do’s of love
Upper Heaven, love does

Love is Heaven’s now
Abide in love and do
Upper Heaven, love vision
Abide in love, abide now

Given by Papa God, April 30, 2012