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It’s Love, It’s Heaven, It’s You–A Poem


You love and live
Open Heaven day
Oh love house, love Heaven
Oh know God’s love

The love, the love, the love
Open door, open Heaven
Abundant love of Heaven

Love in Heaven
Abundant love you see
Love, love, Heaven
Love is God

Love, love now
Love God, love yes
Abide, love and see
Love hard, love you

Yes, love be, live
Love time do see
Say and love do
Watch and love and love

It’s love, it’s Heaven, it’s you
Oh love, live, be
Yes love and love and be
Holy day, love be

Holy angel now send
Love God, love you
So love, love them
It’s God love you

Say love, be love
Watch and love and live
Waters of God do see
The love of God, the love of Heaven

Given by Papa God, April 20, 2012

Of Love, Of God–A Poem


Word is love, word is Heaven
Oh send and be the love
Love be, do know
Holy day, now time

The love, the dew of God
Holy time of God
Of love, of God
See do and do

Abide and love
Abide now, love
Holy day, love day
Open Heaven time

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2012

Hear, See And Do Love–A poem


Hear, know and know love
God know, God do
God do, know Love
It’s God of love, know

Love is love now
Love is…know it
Do and do and see
Do see deep love

God love, God day
Watching God love you
Do see His love
It’s Heaven dew in Heaven

See, do, love
Open Heaven do
Love is now in Heaven
Love do see

Abide, blending in Heaven
Love words, love here
Say this time love
Abide love time

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2012

Appreciation deprivation disorder…(A Thought)

Appreciation deprivation is an illness which afflicts many a human spirit.It’s major symptom is an un-thankful culture where love grows increasingly cold. But Papa never forgets all you do for Him and his rewards to you are sure.You may be what the great physician ordered in bringing a soul out of the disease of Appreciation deprivation. It may be telling your spouse how beautiful she is. It may be telling your congregation how awesome they are to pastor. It could be telling the young men you coach how hardworking they are. But be the Prescription Jesus ordered to let the people in your world know they have worth and dignity

Enter His Open Door–A poem


Love is God
Live in Heaven’s time
See now deep love
Heaven is love

Open Heaven, love, love
Abundant Heaven – love now
Love new, love now
Holy day, love-in

Open Heaven, love, love
Open door, Heaven’s Heaven
Circuit of Heaven, Heaven’s now
It’s love, love, live!

God deep, love new
So enter His word
Love is God love
Love you live in

Enter and love
Love time love
Mission love, love
Love is, live love

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2012

Turn Now, Love


Live now love
New now love
Holy time new
New love now

New love new day
Open door to Heaven
Time turn now
Say new love

Say and know love
Abide and know
Turn now, love
Oh love and love

So know and love
Open door to love
Open Heaven love
See now love

Say now, now
God love live
Turn and know love
It’s Heaven, love

It’s Heaven love
It’s love in Love
God do love
Live love now

God know, God know
Open Heaven know
Say, know and know
Turn now, love

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2012

Open Heaven Know–A Prophetic Poem


Love God, know love
Holy is Heaven
Heal and live and love
Open Heaven love

Say, live, know
Open Heaven know
Open Heaven now
Holy is God

Time, now time
It’s God-time, love
Oh love, love now
Show love now

Abide and be
Abide to see
Holy time love
Know now love

Time know now
Open door to love
Holy time of Heaven
Abide in Him

Turn now, love
Mission and Heaven
Love time see
Mission, new day

Turn now do
Abide in His word
So abide and love
Abide, love

Open Heaven know
So love know
So know His word
See, know new

It’s know, it’s know, it’s know
Love, His loving love
See love now – live
Live now in Him

See, know and live in love
It’s loving-time
God does know, love
See and know

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2012

And See Now His Now–A Poem


Higher nation now
See, live and live
See, does see, holy now

Send love, send now
See day, see now
See now in love
And see now His now

Abide and live
Abide and do
Abide now, love
See time now

Send love now
Holy time now
Circuit time, turn time
So live in time

Time turn now
Time live now
So know His word
Abide and live

Time, time now
Abide and know
Watch love do
Wonders, signs know

Time know
See now light, time
Turn now time
Turn now time

See, do, know
Words of Heaven now
Wonders day, wonders time
Day now be

Now time, now, now
It’s love in love
Watch love live
Wonders and Heaven

Given by Papa God, April 17, 2012

It’s Heaven time–A poem

It’s Heaven time

It’s Heaven time
It’s Heaven time
This day, yes
You see now, it’s Heaven time

Holy angel is now
You see His love, His light to see
Yes time, love time
Yes, time you see

Abide and blessings enter
It’s Heaven time, you see
Time does see, you see
Holy day you see

God you see
God loves you deep
God sees, yes sees
Say, do know

So holy you are
So abide, abide in Him
So abide in love now
So holy time

God now does now
Shut yes, you love
Holy day, abiding Heaven
Show now His now

Yes now, love now
Holy time, now, now
Holy time, holy nation
So holy now

Given by Papa God, April 17, 2012

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Burn Holy–A Poem


It’s live, live time
Here now, see now
Abundant love opens Heaven
Holy is love

Holy, holy, holy, holy
Healing love, yes
Holy day, holy angel
It’s love in Heaven

Love hears, love sees
Holy-time see
Burn, love, time
Holy angel, Heaven

You say you live
Burn with love’s living
See, be holy
See, live, be, say love

Given by Papa God April 9, 2012

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