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“Words Of Love”–A volume of inspirational poetry

Words Of Love, A volume of prophetic poems is a journey into the heart of a Loving God. If you desire a copy, please visit

See This deep Love–A Poem

See this deep love

See , live, time
Yes, deep is his heart
See this deep love now
You see? Do live

Commit to live
The will, the love he is
This love he is
Show and love and live

This nation is love
This live, this do
This love of living in love
This deep door do

Say, do and see
Deep live, deep say
Enter his love, and live and live
This dew is Heaven

This live, this say
Yes, say and live
See and live in this
Say, do say

The will is now
Shut, say light be!
You say, you see, you say
This see, yes

Descender, descending, it’s love
Miracle love-time
This light of Heaven
Say this, say

Time, say, light
The dew, the love of God
The mystery of God
The mystery of love in thee

The love, the love it is
This love is now
This dew of Heaven
Proceed to love

Given by Papa God, February 29,2012

Words of Love, a volume of inspirational poems, can be purchased by visiting: