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God and Heaven–A Poem


Shaker, shaker, shaker
God of Heaven
The love of God
His Heaven is…

God and Heaven
Living and seeing
God and God and love
God lives, you see

This living God answers
His abiding, His abiding
This abiding Heaven
This abiding door

This deep love
His abiding dew
This abiding God
This gate, is He

God in love
The word is love
This love, this love
He turns days

The love, deep love
This deep of God
The love of Heaven
His abiding gate

The will of love is God
This love of Heaven is
This living God does
Mystery is, the love

Mystery in deep
Mystery is love
This abiding bless of Heaven
This abiding time

The mystery does
Mystery does…
This time of mystery
This time, He is

This day, He is
This time of visitation
Will love see love?
This dew is Heaven

It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s God
This abiding day
This abiding time
It’s day, it’s time

This time – abide
Holy is day
This day does time
This holy time

This day, say love
This time, see Him
Of love of Heaven
This Heaven does open

This loving gate
This day is deep
This releasing God
He is, yes!

See and be
This deep burning love
This deep, abundant bless
His abundant time

It’s opening, it’s opening now
This abundant time
This God of love does
This God of love does

It’s living love
God opens your house
Go and sow the love
This deep, deep, abundant love

It’s hands, it’s hands of love
This abundant time
Urgent: do and see
The love now is

Given by Papa God, February 16, 2012


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