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A Place To Abide–A poem


The door of Heaven, the door of God
So abide and be
Door and door and time
Time of love

Enter and be entering
Holy day of God
Holy time to know
Holy day see

Holy day be
So abide, be
Holy day, holy burn
Day of holy

Wonders, sign
Holy time, yes
Word, deep love
Abide time

Live mercy new
Oh love is time
Abide in love-day
Open door holy

Gate, day, time
Things of time
Abide time
This day see

Time see…
Holy day be…
Things open for you…
Yes, abide

Submission to God
See the Father’s day
The word of Heaven
The dew of love

See, hear nation
Turn and see
Abide in love to be
The word be

See, see things in love
Love, holy time
Holy sign you see
Holy time

Given by Papa God December 24, 2011

Holy Time–A poem


Time be
The day now see
See the Father’s love

So holy, you see
Holy is the Word, He is
Word is…
The Father is in love

Secret time
Holy day see
Holy time of
Day of, holy time

Holy time yes
Holy time be
Holy time live
Oh live, day

Turn, turn, time
Here this day
Word is! Live!
Love be!

The light, the blessed, the Father
Word, love, be
So abide in, live
Holy time

Given by Papa God, December 22, 2011

Live in The Holy–A poem


Turn, do turn
Love this word, love this time
Holy is this day
Oh live in this

Holy is the Father
Holy is Heaven
Abide in Him, forget
Abide in love

Soak and blend in Him
So abide in the Word
Abide in God, today
Holy day

Time is…time
Time turn, day
Holy day, tensions
Holy day be

Burn in Him
Holy day live
Holy day, holy
Say the words of light

The Father’s deep
Holy time see
Abide in love, be
God in God

So be and be
Oh lo, lo
So holy He be
You see God

Holy be
The Father’s lead
See and be in Him
Holy is the Father

God does
Holy be, show
See, hear, live
Turn and do

Stir the man, stir the nation
Live and be holy
Abide in love holy
Holy time, new day

Time be!
It’s Him! God!
Hand of love, in them
It’s love in you

Candles and dew
Holy day of love
Holy day of love
Love is light

God-turn, God-be
Shudders of love in the house
The Father’s love
Holy turn of love

God holy
God open
God lives
Holy, you see

Gate and God
Holy day you are
See and search
Love time you see

Holy and holy God
The Father of love
Father lives now
So open, you be

Given by Papa God, December 22, 2011

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It’s on the word, Thomas–A poem


Thomas bless, show
The man of God this be
The man, this man is here
The love, the love of Heaven in this

The man is seeking God
The blessed he is
So holy this be
The love of this one

The dew of Heaven is on the word
Open heavens now see
Word of love to this
Love this…

Holy is this word
Holy is this day
See this nation turn
Word, yes!

The mantle is on this
Word is…
See it in him
Word, day now

Words of love be
Holy is the Word
Word, love, this
Holy is…

Soaking words of light
Word of hope
Holy time do
Mystery is His word

See it and do it
The light now be
See days of Heaven
The will of God this day

Soaking day
The man of God day
The man of God time
The word, the day

The mantle does
Holy this nation be
Wonders of Heaven, nation
Abide in Him

The mantle does
Word does
Word be
Word time…

Given by Papa God, December 21, 2011

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Heaven’s abiding love–A Poem


Shower, shows, shows
Word, word-love here
Oh love and live in here
Love, live, live

Love time, Heaven now
Holy day of Heaven
See and see love now
Holy day be

Abide and be
Oh love is in the man of love
So abide in love
It’s Heaven’s love

Abide, abide, Heaven day
Holy day, time
Abide in God; the day is ending
It’s Heaven now, today

Given by Papa God December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

None of the other religions of the world, nor the cults can duplicate this truth: That the one true God made a decision to invade this world through the womb of a teenage girl in order to live amongst his love-subjects and then offer himself as a ransom for us. The gift he then gives to us is very Spirit in our spirits, enabling us to be called, ‘sons’. No other religion can make that statement. Merry Christmas!!

Show It! –A Poem


Show it!
You see, it’s love
It’s love, it is
Love is

God love you be
Love is Him
Holy time, love is
Holy is

The word is…
Love is, it’s love
It’s yes, it’s light, it’s you
Yes, it’s love in thee

Word, word, it’s love
You see, you be, show
Holy yes, yes
Oh live in Him

Holy time be
Word of light
Word of love
You see Him…Love

Given by Papa God, December 15, 2011

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