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So Abide in This–A poem


Now see it
Oh see the nation
You see, you see
So abide in this now

So abide in Heaven’s light
Holy enterings of love
Holy secrets of light
Holy nation deep

Live, be holy
So enter the will
So abide in love
Holy living is

So see, live in
Holy secret live
So turn and turn
Holy time see

Given by Papa God, November 19, 2011

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See The Abundant–A poem


Say and see
The abundant love of God
Abundant love you see

See and see
See the blessed of love
So abide and say
Abide to say

Say and live
Say the word
Say the word
Oh live…

So hear the word
Live and be
Live in love
See and love

Soaking, entering, seeing
Holy time in love
Soaking is God living in thee
Live now, see?

Given by Papa God, November 19, 2011

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God is bigger than your prayer closet…

Papa God is bigger than one’s prayer closet. The place of prayer, as great as it is, must not in our minds limit God to one location. He lives by His Spirit in his children, and thusly we can commune with him without ceasing throughout the day; implementing his kingdom wherever we go.

A Thought…

Without The Love of God, a christian gives out a sound which lacks substance and meaning ; he misses an opportunity to tune a cadence which causes the culture to dance towards Heaven.

Holy nation, do now–A Poem

Holy nation, do now

Time of Heaven
Love, love now
Love hears The Father
Love is now

Holy nation, do now
Holy nation, God see
Love, love day
Oh love day

So do and so holy
Love them now
Love is the gate of light
See deep now

Holy nation deep
Holy nation now
God abiding nation
God in now

See, do, deep
See love now
Oh see God now
See God in now

Secret, correcting angel
Door of love open now
Open door, do for love
So do for God

So abide in him
Holy entering of God
Love abides in the house
Holy nation is now

Given by Papa God, November 17,2011

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Soak–A prophetic poem


Hear God in things
See, be God’s light
So live, so connect
So live in Him

So enter the secret
So enter the gate
Enter the secret of God
Live soaking, soaking

It’s soaking and rising
Soaking in God
Soaking in love
Soak, soak, soak

Soak in living light
Live, soak, receive
Soak, rise and soak
Soak, love, soak

Soak, soak, love-time
Soak, live in God
It’s love-soak, love
Soak in God’s love

Soak, live in light
Soak in mission time
Enter the gate…soak
Soak and live now

Given by Papa God, November 12, 2011

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See The Secret..A Poem

See the secret

See the secret
See the turning of a thing
Secret doors of God
So see this now

The secrets of Heaven
So see it now
The Father abides in the secret
The Father is seeing this

So, so see it
The door, The God
The word, the word you see
The seeing of God

Oh see things in the now
Soaking gates of light
So enter the secret
So, so, so see

So abide and see
So abide today
So abide in God
The God of gods

So turn to God
Turn, turn, do
Turn, turn now
See, see, see

Given by Papa God, November 13,2011

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