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A Thought..

The words “I’m sorry “ are great beginnings to God’s novel of reconciliation between nations. They are then augmented by exclamation points of dignity, periods of forgiveness, and commas of respect.

So Love, So Send–A Poem


Day…live…see mission
Live, be, live
See love, live
See, live, be

Send love, send
Send, love, see
Love be, see
Say love…

Holy nation receive
Love, love see
Love, see, be
Say, love be!

Call love, see
See and live, love
See His love
See, receive and live

So love, so turn
So love, so live
Holy nation be
Holy nation be

So turn now
So see, live in love
So see, be, live
Holy time, deep, live

Given by Papa God, October 27, 2011

Words Of Love, A Volume of prophetic poems written betwwen 2008-2009, from a Heavenly perspective. You can order Words of Love by visiting