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A Thought..

The words “I’m sorry “ are great beginnings to God’s novel of reconciliation between nations. They are then augmented by exclamation points of dignity, periods of forgiveness, and commas of respect.

So Love, So Send–A Poem


Day…live…see mission
Live, be, live
See love, live
See, live, be

Send love, send
Send, love, see
Love be, see
Say love…

Holy nation receive
Love, love see
Love, see, be
Say, love be!

Call love, see
See and live, love
See His love
See, receive and live

So love, so turn
So love, so live
Holy nation be
Holy nation be

So turn now
So see, live in love
So see, be, live
Holy time, deep, live

Given by Papa God, October 27, 2011

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A Thought..

God will assign to each person at least one gold prospector. Such an individual doesn’t come to take, but rather bring out of us the treasure we all by God’s grace have to bless this world. Some prospectors are lovingly patient, others a seeming irritation . But God all the same allows them to come with all such challenges so that what he hid in us, will come out. May we not despise the prospectors God sends our way.

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Live Deep!–A poem


Turn, live deep
Oh turn, see things
See, live, see
Live deep…

Holy day see
Holy day mission
Show, live, be
See God deep

See, be, be
See, be, live
Holy day see
Holy day see

Receive and see
So live in love
Sign, sign, sign
See, be, be

So see
See great, see
Turn, do, be
Turn, see new

Given by Papa God, October 26, 2011

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Holy Day, Holy Time–A Poem


Hear my, hear
See God in new
Holy day be in
Holy now be

See, see His word
See, be holy
See, be holy
And see love now

Sign, love be
So be holy
And be burning in love
So be here now

Holler grace, love
See, burn in God
See holy nation
Holy time mission

See, see, go be
Holy day, mission see
Say His word, now news
Say His word, be day

Say His word, new day
And say His word, this nation
Say the word of God
Holy day…hear this now

Holy day – see, send
Say, say, see
Holy day, holy day
Say His love now

Say, sing, worship
Holy day, love be
Holy day, be in him
Say, see, mission

So be going now
Show holy, time be
Holy day be
Holy day, holy time

Given by Papa God, October 15, 2011

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Holy Day–A Poem


Send this word
The word is love-nation
Holy nation

This well, this love
See and live in love
See the Father’s light

Secret light, secret time
Door of vision, love
Door of love see
Holy see…

Holy time see
Surges of love be
Holy day see
See the love of love

Holy day be
Be blessed in love
Receive and love
See the love of love

The will is love to see
See, be, go
See – hear this
Holy time see

See, live and see
Holy day be
Holy time see
Be, live, see

See God in this
Enter the vision of love
Holy day see
Turn, be

Given by Papa God, October 26, 2011

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See God Do–A Poem


See God do
And see love do
Bless, love be!
Say, love be!

Love is handing love
And love burns in now
So be, love mission
And so love this now

So love, so be
So deep, go be
See, be deep in love
Be blessed in love

Holy day be
See his love, see
And see the Father love
Be love, be

Given by Papa God, October 13, 2011

Recieve His grace..A Poem


Here now his grace
See his grace new
See love be now
And see and see

And see and be in grace
It’s love in grace in thee
Receive! It’s word!
See grace, see now

Receive, be in this
It’s love, visions of love
So go in love, in him
And be, see in love

See and be
The love, the gate of grace
It’s love, oh now holy day be
Oh love be, see?

Given by Papa God, 10/11/11

Cycles of Love in You–Prophetic poetry


This God is
Cycles of grace, cycles is love
Cycles in love in you

Cycles, grace be
Cycles be love
See, be, grace
Say love to this

Show love and bless
Say love in this
Say love, holy love
Say his love

Say grace, say God
Say his love now
Show love, new day
Oh be, go be

See, see, do
See his word now
See grace in you
And see love in thee

See, receive, see
And see love be
Oh see, be, see
It’s seeing in love you be

See, be, light
See love cycle
See love see
And love be light

Say love, say God
And say love, now say
Oh show God love
Love is love

Given by Papa God, October 11, 2011

A Holy Love–A poem


Love is holy
So holy, it’s love
Love, oh love abides now
Show love in this

Sow love in this
Sow his grace in this
It’s God in thee to see
See his burning grace

See love in thee
And see his word, see
See God deep in thee
Holy is God in thee

God is great in thee
God is love to be
See and do what He does
Receive and see the Father

Sow, sow, sow, sow in love
Sow, go love
Sow, do, be love
Sow his love now

Given by Papa God, October 8, 2011