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A Thought

Establishing eye contact with others can be a powerful way of communicating that we not only recognize their presence, but their humanity as well

A Time, A Sign, A Cycle–A Poem


Time now see
Sign, sign see
Sign now new, see
Sign, now, sign

Sign, tears, grace
Sign, time now
Sign now know
Papa sign, now mission

Higher light see
Cycles of higher light
A sign of grace, news
Secret church, light be

Hold, love ,see
See, hold, love
Hold love now
See more light

Hearken, cycles, love now
Hold light, see now
See love more now
Bursting, light see

Given by Papa God, September 27, 2011

See Grace in Thee


Healing grace
See and see light in grace
And see grace new light
You be, you say light

Hold, hold, light, love
See now grace in thee
See love here, now
See grace in thee

And see grace in thee
See grace in thee
See God new, God
And see God new; grace

See miracles and love
And see love in thee
Holler love to them
Operate in grace

Release and bless and bless
See light be in this
Say, love, bless, love
Say his grace

The blessed, the God, the father
Cycle – grace cycle
Oh cycles of light
Cycles are now

Operate here, now see
Cycle, cycles of grace
Honor love now
Hold, love see

Given by Papa God, September 27, 2011

A Thought..

Reasons are the explanations as to who we are and why we are. Excuses are the things we use to express our powerlessness to change, with the opinion our habits and mindsets are to be put up with by our loved ones and community. God’s grace is that divine invasion upon that defeated soul , teaching him that he can overcome all things even as Our Lord Jesus did . He’s translated from a life of “I’m not able”, to “with God, all things are possible”.

A Thought…

When any oppressed soul or culture rises up in the virtues of resilency, dignity, creativity, love and forgiveness, it causes necks to turn in notice–including the ones of the oppressor

A Thought…

What visionary leadership does is paint vision into the hearts of those who witness their lives. It causes people to look into the unseen, and refuses to profit from group victimization. It stirs souls to view their lives from the Heavenly seat and bring that invisible kingdom to earth

A Secret to see–Prophetic poetry


Say and burn in love
Secret, secret, change
Hold and love, hand love

Great time, great sign
See new, see
Enter God, sign
See now sign

See now, see light
Higher love see
Hold love, see
Hard love be

See mission see
See, my, see
See more God
See more love

See, go be
Hand, go do
Hold love’s love
Gird, gird, go

See, go love
Answer love, and be
It’s love, open God
See, rise, do

See, burn, go
And love mercy
And love cycle
Holy cycle you are

Given by Papa God, September 21, 2011

Great is the Cycle of Heaven–Prophetic poetry


Great is the cycle of Heaven
Great is the cycle of love
The cycle of now

Enter direct and do
See, lead mission
Higher love see
See God mission

Herald God now
Cycles, grace, love
Send, be, new day
Honor him in light

Tears, grace, turn now
Mission sign, live
Higher, blessed higher
Preach grace now

Given by Papa God, September 17, 2011

Ten Grace–Prophetic Poetry


Ten, ten, grace
Holy ten
The land, the land of love
Hear this now, see the Father

Will go, will see
Dear love see
Holy nation now be
Holler, holler, holler love

See this now, see this day
And see God turn nation
Hosting, turning, shaking
Grace, rise ten, now

Wind of love, God’s word
Wind of God, shaking nation
Hope and blessing, enter your heart
Holy miracles turn, news

See mission, gate, news
More love be
See love be
Honor love, do turn

Releasing opens love
Open door, holy time
So love the nation gate
So holy time

Sell, sell they say
Enter the gate and rise and see
Honor love, be, see
So turn to love now

Cycle, cycle, time see
Miracle, miracles, living vision
Holy cycle releasing shaking
Holy cycle – love healing

Holy turn, news
Purpose, shudders of grace
See love, see love
Sign, sign, turning love

Releasing missions and times
Water, water, great angel see
Enter the gate, turn and see
So love turn so

To release, to see, to see
Hear now, light be
God now turns this
Enter grace now

Given by Papa God, August 31, 2011

Here Now Time Is..A Poem


Here, now, time is
Enter, living, living thing
Healing and rising
See, see, mission grace

Rise, see, do
So love and see
Boil, oil of God
Holy now day is

It is love in thou
Sign, sign, see love
It’s love cycle, cycle
Sign and love see

Cycles of love; cycles, light
Cycles of love you be
Cycle of Heaven see
It’s cycles of him; turn and do

Cycles of new cycles
Cycle of love you see
See, see here, there
Holy, now do

See my cycle
Hold up, do love
See up, love now
Turn and sigh my sigh

See, do, turn
It’s love you see
Holy now, teaching nation
See day, love new

Be, do, see now
Mission, grace, God
Search, mission, turn, search
It’s sands of love now release

Given by Papa God, August 31, 2011