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Live–prophetic poetry


Live here and now
See, oh live and see
See light and love
Cycles…live, live

Live, go see, love
See, see, me, live
Live, see, live
See, live, see, live

Live, be, see light
See cycles, live, light
So blend and love and now
So live, secret, live

Turn, do, be
Holy living now be
Live visions, light see
Living word, go be

Given by Papa God, August 27, 2011

A Thought

On the Playing fields of Destiny, endurance is forged and champions are made. It’s not that victors are more favored or loved than the defeated;it’s that they’ve found the key is refusing to quit.

Love’s Good News–A poem


New gate
The word, the Father, the love
See the letter of God
Love is He

Love is God
He lives now
Sigh, sigh, he lives, he does
Live, live, cycle love

He loves you, see
Living love He is
Cycle, God’s cycle
Cycle, He is love

Holy God love
Secret cycles, holy news
Burn, so live in Him
Here go love news

Given by Papa God, August 25, 2011

Be and Do Love’s cycle–A Poem


Cycle see, see
See the word and do
You be the word, you see the love
Sign, sign – love word

Sign and love and turn
So love and bless this and that
Release sign and love
Living word – cycle – live

Cycle, cycle, live and be
Cycle, cycle, mission see
Cycle, cycle my love you be
Yet go, be, love!

Given by Papa God, August 25, 2011

Abiding In Love’s Work–A Poem


Heal, burn, heal
Ascend, ascend, grace, light
Cycle is, cycle live
Love shake, love shake

So abide, so love
So live, so do
See, see he lives
See and live, see and do

See and see, live and see
Cycle light, mission see
See and be; light be
Holy cycle be

See and love; see, be
Holy mission burns love
It’s love shaking missions
Holy mission you see

Given by Papa God, August 24, 2011

Sell And Turn–Prophetic poetry


Sell, sell, but light be
It’s time, it’s now you see
Sell, but now sell
Sell, but love, love, grace

It’s light be, it’s sell they do
Sell, but I shake nation
It’s selling but shaking
It’s sell, but shut in

Sell, but turn to live
It’s light be, it’s love word
Sell, but love; sell and live
See love, sell light

Given by Papa God, August 24, 2011

Papa’s Directive–Prophetic poetry


Hear this, do this
Go be love
So sign in him in love
Love sees here

Answer, bless love
Direction, live here
Love, you’re to be in love
Cycle, cycle, cycle, healings

Senses, grace, mission
Love shaking generation
Seize, seize, nation seize
Cycle, mission, miracles, light

Purpose, mercy, God
Stay in, light be
Secret signs, love mission
Doors of light now see

Given by Papa God August 24, 2011

Here Miracles, There Love–A poem


Here miracles, there love
It’s here and now
God you see, God is light
Healing and blessing things

See, cycle, love, light
Oh live, light and sigh
Light be, light see, sigh
Love be, light see

Given by Papa God, August 23, 2011

Go in Love–A prophetic poem


Here go
Light be, go
Release and love and do
Love is here

Words and blessing
Holy is He
He loves you, you be
He is love

Given by Papa God, August 23, 2011

Here Americans, Here! A Poem


Here, Americans, here!
See he, love this
Love God, love this
He is love

Love God, love yes
Holy light see
He lives you see
Live, see, me

See leaders, see
See God’s light be
Sign, sign, love here
Oh live God’s love

See and live, see and do
Holy man, holy love
Rod of love, love, love
Holy seasons of love

Hosting opens, love, love
Receive God love
Live, burn in it
Holy turns now

Given by Papa God, August 25, 2011