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The Loving Word–A prophetic poem

The Loving Word

Miracles of love
The Father, living Word
He is light in thee
Living Word, secret love

Love, love, loving vision
Love sign, sign, sign of God
Sign, love- sign, Heaven
Loving Word, loving God

Loving Word, loving God
Living God you are seeing
Abide you, commit love in thee
Love sees this day

Given by Papa God, July 21, 2011

A Thought

There is something at work in these times. Papa is allowing the gears to shift quicker than any of us realize. Some see the shift as a countdown to escape, yet God wants us to see even deeper. We are being given a mandate begun in Abraham’s bosom for this time–And that is to see Papa’s blessing touch all the families of the earth.

The Love you be–A prophetic poem

The love you be

Cycle, love secret, heart
Mission urgent, light secret
Angels, secret angels, secret
Love is secret in thee

The love of God see, secret
The seer, the blessing love is
Love your sending each nation
Open your heart, do and love

The way, the father, you
Light is God love
Love is healing this
Love, it’s God’s love you are

The love you be, you see
This miracle of Heaven you be
It’s love you be, you be
Oh love you be, be

Given by Papa God, July 21, 2011

Obi Wan Kenobi and God’s Kingdom agenda

There really are Kingdom versions of Obi Wan Kenobi out there. They are men and women from all walks of life who are keen in the things of the Spirit, yet they are kindly and approachable. They are not afraid to see the potential of the young, and encourage them to learn the ways of the force known as agape. These wised ones have no agenda of their own, except to see Papa’s dream of the restoration of all things come true. Many have been hidden away, for such a time as this , when it seems as if‘the dark side’ is winning.

Words of Love–A prophetic poetic journey into the heart of God

Words of Love, My first published book is a prophetic poetic journey from Papa’s heart between 2008-2009. It talks of family, nations ,and you. I still have a couple or so copies left. IM me if you want one, or visit

It’s also on sale online at barnes and as well as other sites. the ISBN number is 9780615438856

His great love–A Thought

This mighty love of this incredible being known as God transcends time and generations. He loved us before the cross, he manifested it at the cross ,and in our walk with him his love never ceases. He’ll love you

A Thought..

The Beginning of tapping into God’s wisdom is the reverential fear from Man towards the being who knows everything and is wanting to be our everything

Love’s Purpose–Prophetic poetry


Purpose, it’s purpose you see
Light is and love is
Love and love is secret
It’s Heaven, it’s God you see

God’s love is holy
It’s Heaven here and there
Yet God is healing this
Oh yet, God is shaking yet

It’s love, it’s God in thee
It’s the Father you see
It’s healing nation be
See and be, you see

Given by Papa God, July 12, 2011

He’ll Love you–prophetic poetry


He, he’ll love you!
Love he is, you see
You see he is God
God is here

Given by Papa God, July 12, 2011

Cycles of Heaven–A prophetic poem


Cycle, cycles of Heaven
Leaders, shaking leaders
Soaking, soakers, loving secrets
Secret mission, secret living

Holy, the doors of love
Love, God’s love
It’s Heaven entering your house
Light, light, keep God!

Love, love; shut, shut
It’s love, shaking love
Oh love, love God
So light, light, keep God!

Secret angels, miracles, love
It’s secret, it’s Heaven you see
It’s day, it’s day, love be
Open your heart and be

Given by Papa God, July 12, 2011